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Oh no, what's happened?!

POSTED: Thu Oct 03, 2013 7:18 pm

RO with Jackson, Morty, and d’Artagnan. Back Dated to Sept. 28, 3 days after the pirate attack.

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The pirate attack was still at the forefront of every Cavalier’s mind. What had the ragtag bunch ever hoped to accomplish? Would they ever return? Had Jazper been too lenient? There were those who cried out for bloodshed and justice while others agreed and were thankful for their Sole’s mercy, though the cost had been a slit eye in the chaos and a handful of bumps and bruises. Nothing the pack’s Medico couldn’t handle and that night others stepped forth to prove their prowess in healing skills, aiding their pack brothers and sisters, and making sure the pirates were well on their way out of the territory. Hopefully they’d never be seen again, but the infiltration had left an uneasy feeling in the Corpo’s stomach. Something about it hadn’t felt all that random, but she kept her thoughts to herself, chalking it up as anxious suspicion and making a point of doing her rounds well armed.

She had just finished a shift at the borders and was hanging up her halter of knives in her mate’s shop, but she could tell without having to go up to the apartment that he wasn’t home. A soft sigh left her parted lips, he’d probably just begun his or maybe hadn’t even stopped. She knew as War Lord, he probably felt the injuries--minor as they were--could’ve been avoided. The situation needed order and upon arrival, it was anything but that. The vixen couldn’t blame him with so much responsibility on his shoulders these days, but she felt her comrades had proven their strength that night. They had defended themselves without a moments notice and chased the ruffians out. And yet, neither he or she felt happy. It just didn’t feel right, not one bit. She left the shop to confide in Morty, the healer was always prepared to listen and offer advice.

As she neared the Medico’s home, she could’ve sworn she heard a faint cry. A tingle began to creep down her spine and she picked up her pace, with her nerves on edge, it was hard to tell what was real and what was imagined...or so she convinced herself. Her fingers were just about to brush Morty’s door when a feline hiss exploded at her foot. "d’Artagnan!" She startled, stepping back from the puffed up tom. He looked wild eyed and disturbed. "What’s wrong?" She asked, dropping her tone and trying to hear what was going on inside. "Maman! He’s in there, he’s got her!" "Who has her d’Art?" She asked alarm rising in her voice, but the stifled scream was heard again, spurning the Corpo into action. "Stay here," she ordered before shoving open the door to something she’d never have expected.

"Qu'avez-vous fait à sa!?" She snarled, eyes wide as they took in a bloodied Morty slumped in Jackson’s arms. "Laissez-la partir!" She screamed, rushing into the room and pounding the lumberjack with her fists, but he dropped the unconscious Medico to the floor and grabbed the Veleno by the wrists. He was strong, much too powerful for her to take on now that she’d close the gap in distance. He had a sympathetic look on his face, though that stupid charming smile still upturned his lips.

"C'est une battante, mais votre poison a fait le tour," he crooned, grasping her slender arms in one fist as he stroked the grey woman’s brow. "Ne touchez pas à elle!" Lola spat, struggling to free herself from his hold with a kick, but Jackson had anticipated that, roughly smacking her head against the table countless Cavaliers had been patched up on. Stars bloomed before her eyes, but not before she saw the flash of silver followed by the sharp bite of metal in her arm. "Vous n'avez pas à le faire Jackson..." she groaned, already feeling the numbing sensation from the coated knife seeping into her blood. "Oh, mais je fais ma chère," He replied, tossing the used knife to the side and releasing his grip. "Merde! Nous vous confiance!" She moaned, feeling her head become impossibly heavy as her body started to feel like it was melting into the floor. ”C'était votre première erreur.” Darkness.

Jackson cursed under his breath, he had meant to only capture Morty. She had been the easiest target after all, wooed over by his charismatic charm and the two had gotten close since his arrival, but now he had the War Lord’s bitch on his hands. He sighed, dragging her practically weightless form over and laying her beside the grey woman. Poor Morty, if she hadn’t put up such a fight, he wouldn’t have had to lay a single finger on her, save the bitter kiss of the poisoned knife, but she’d been resilient even as the light left her eyes. She wasn’t dead, far from it, but both Cavalieri woman would be out cold for an hour or so. He hoisted the Medico over one shoulder and Lola on the other. They were nothing compared to the logs he’d hauled in the past, but now it was time to make his escape. Thankfully, the Corpo had seemed to be the only one nearby, but he cast a cautionary glance out the door before taking off and disappearing into the wilderness.

A pair of deep sea eyes stared out from the bushes until the hulking form shrank from view. The calico shakily left his hiding place, hummingbird heart beating in his chest as he let forth one long piteous mew before darting helter skelter towards the Fort. He needed to tell someone and fast! His Maman, his Auntie, had just been kidnapped!

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