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Mentor Ceremony - non-mandatory

POSTED: Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:23 pm

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The kidnapping of Lola and Morty had the pack in a tense state. Commands for more patrolling of the boarders, the preparation of weapons and group scouting missions were all put in place with hopes of recovering the Medic and Corpo. The fact that two of his members had been stolen away under their very noses by people whom they had battled beside and welcomed warmly had Jazper flustered and in a permanent state of frustration. However one small event had the Knight distracted and he hoped that he could share some of his distraction with his pack members, in the form of a mentorship ceremony.

Two wolves and their horses had arrived at their borders yesterday afternoon while the Sole had been stalking the territory line searching for a scent trail of Lola, Morty, or one of the merchants. He had approached the strangers with caution but with a young male hardly of shifting age Jazper quickly doubted they were any danger and had been right. Leonardo Auditore had introduced himself, the brother of Sebastian, and his son Tennyson Knight. A Knight. The Sole could hardly believe that without knowing it his bloodline had mixed with Sebastian’s but what came as more of a shock to the dark leader was the news that his own father had mated with a dog out of the pack and hid away their child, Jazper’s half sister.

He had been in a state of shock and hurt originally but had quickly welcomed Leonardo and Tennyson, his nephew, into the pack. In the evening the Knight father asked the youth to meet him to discuss his heritage and his reasons for seeking out Casa and quickly came to know, and was pleased to know, that young Tennyson had the heart of a Knight and had been raised with knowledge of the culture. From there he had decided to match the kid with a mentor.

Mentor’s were always distributed to youths of Casa, guides to help them adjust through their teenage years and become well rounded and functioning adults within the pack. Tennyson would need someone to help him adjust more so than any other mentored youth, as he was coming in from the outside and was about to be exposed to many new family members and a life he had never known he could have.

There was no time to dress up and disrupt the pack with a large formal ceremony so instead the Knight called for all those not busy with preparations and the hunt to join him in the Great Hall, his large dressed in his everyday outfit awaiting the few who could spare a moment.

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POSTED: Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:01 pm

Tennyson was overwhelmed with excitement. Having grown up with tales of the Knights and Fenris and grand battles from his Italian mother’s mouth he could not believe that he had finally arrived at the Casa di Cavalieri pack. Having spent yesterday exploring and getting to know his cousin, Callum he had been surprised be called to the Sole’s room. Jazper had invited him in, seemingly in an overly friendly manner, making the new Guarire even more nervous. They had talked for quite some time about his mother and his upbringing and what he knew about Fenris and what he wanted to do.

At the end of the night his obscenely large uncle had told him to be prepared for a call the next day, announcing his mentorship ceremony. The idea had confused him until it was fully explained, resulting in him waking up in the morning ridiculously full of excitement and wonder. He was going to be assigned a knight to teach him. An actual knight. When he and his father had started this journey he had half expected to be pushed away, as his mother had been, but Jazper was allowing him to jump head first into the Knight family culture.

Then the call happened. Brushing his plaid shirt against his chest with his hands the Knight-Auditore child attempted to make himself presentable. He had already spent a good amount of time infront of a mirror grooming his hair and fur hoping that the knights would accept him the same way Jazper had. Then of course was the question of his other uncle, his father’s brother, whom he had not met. Was he a knight? Oh Fenris he hoped he was a knight.

Rushing up the stairs the bright pumpkin eyed youth hesitantly wandered over to Jazper’s side, awkwardly waiting for anyone else to show up. Gulping down his nerves he silently reminded himself that people would indeed show up and he would not be left here standing by himself beside the Sole.

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POSTED: Mon Oct 07, 2013 2:58 pm

The Sole waited patiently, as he did at the start of all meeting, for others to arrive. He was pleased to see Tennyson hurry up the stairs, the first to arrive, and take a place beside him. “Just breath Tennyson.” The Knight reassured, noticing that the young male was on edge, he could practically smell his nerves. It didn’t take very long for others to arrive, steaming in from the lower quarters and from around the Fort. It was indeed a smaller group but as the Sole had expected most members were busy preparing for whatever the weeks drama would lead to.

“Welcome.” He greeted the huddled gatherers, his golden eyes noticing Leonardo’s dark father come up from the sleeping quarters. “Today we gather to initiate our newest Guarire into our traditions by handing his education over to a mentor.” Pausing he turned to the sandy youth. “Tennyson Knight and his father Leonardo Auditore arrived yesterday afternoon. It was a surprise but pleasure for me to learn that I have a half-sister and she and our very own Sebastian Auditore’s brother have combined our families through a son.” It was no surprise that the Sun King was pleased to learn that the Auditore’s were the other half of Tennyson’s family line.

“I sat down with Tennyson last night to discuss his young life and his goals. He is a very determined young man, a little to serious for my liking,” he teased, “but I believe he will grow greatly in our care.” He searched the crowd for the man he wished to address, finding his unique coat among the group with ease. “Wayne. I know that you have already taken on one of my daughters as your apprentice but with the current youths moving into adults ranks it is my hope that you will take on young Tennyson as your next charge.” Confidently he watched the dogmix, hoping that he would accept.

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POSTED: Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:16 pm


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In the midst of conflicts and kidnapping, less dangerous rumors reached the cowboy’s ears. He couldn’t believe it when he heard the Auditore name being thrown around, though he’d not had the time between patrols and nursing his shoulder to investigate this new individual or ask Sebastian how he felt about having a relative there.

It was easier to adjust to the idea of a new Knight—a nephew of Jazper, rather than son or grandson, but still another member of the prolific family. And when those not too busy were called to the ceremony, Wayne listened and came. He’d been inspecting some of the clubs in the weapon storage for splintering and weakness, and so one was clutched in the cowboy’s good hand, the other arm hanging in a sling as per Morty’s original orders.

Dark lips twitched with a hint of a snarl at the thought of the kidnapped medic, but he stilled when he joined the small crowd and saw the youth standing there, dwarfed by his uncle, groomed and dressed. He had unusual brindling patterns, but he seemed strong enough in build, with good potential. He grunted quietly, and tapped his club against his thigh as Jazper began his speech.

Surprises followed. It seemed that Tennyson was Sebastian’s nephew as well as Jazper’s; Wayne pricked his ears to hear that, and resolved to ask his friend and lover about it. His thoughtful expression softened lightly when Jazper teased Tennsyon for his seriousness—very good in a boy, Wayne thought—and then the next surprise came. He’d gone through this twice already, once very recently (or so it seemed), but he quickly recovered, bowing his head in acknowledgement.

I would be honored, Wayne said, coming forward and smiling at Tennyson. The nephew of my two greatest friends… I hope you like horses, he warned jokingly, knowing that Annabeth had been none too pleased about the forced equestrian lessons.

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