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POSTED: Sun Oct 13, 2013 12:24 pm

Inviting Wayne to his bed in more than one way had been an excellent decision. Sure, he smelled a little bit too strongly of horses, but that was part of his cowboy charm. He was, more importantly, a very warm, muscular, fuzzy blanket, and an excellent bedmate besides. He also functioned excellently as a cuddly teddy bear and a comfortable, fluffy pillow. Sure, maybe he accidentally squashed Sebastian from time to time when he rolled over too fast, but that was a small price to pay to spend warm nights snuggled up against Wayne's chest, listening to his heartbeat and steady breathing.

Not always against his chest, naturally. Sebastian was like a lemur. He clung and held wherever he felt like it. Nuzzling the nape of Wayne's neck, holding the cowboy's head under his chin, holding on to one beefy arm and using it as his own personal body pillow. So far as Sebastian could tell, the bulky cowboy didn't mind so much.

Sebastian yawned widely and blinked the sleep from his eyes, idly rubbing his cheek against the side of Wayne's neck. Sunlight streamed into the room from the opened window, making him wince and hide his face against the cowboy's chest. The Italian let out a displeased grunt. It was much too early for waking up, or so he assumed. This was one curse of having Wayne as such a convenient bed partner. He was much too comfortable to leave in the mornings. Rolling to the side, Sebastian ended up on Wayne's back, wrapping both arms around the much larger man and giving him a tight hug, scraping his teeth against the back of his neck before the artisan finally roused himself.

Rolling off of the bed to land on his hands and knees, Sebastian shook himself off and took a brief bath with a cloth and his washbashin before he tugged on a pair of torn shorts and began the day's work.

Sebastian decided that the day's work involved painting the Colosseum of Rome, which he immediately began to do. As always, he started with the centrepiece of his paintings- a tiny, often almost completely unnoticeable fox, hidden in the corner of the painting, in a shadow, or hiding in the branches of a tree. It was a subtle way of marking each painting as his own, something he wholly enjoyed. Perhaps in a hundred years' time his paintings would form a single great collection?

POSTED: Fri Oct 25, 2013 9:29 pm

It was nice to have a bedmate again. Wayne actually slept.

He’d never complained about it, and didn’t draw attention to it, but his old room in the Courthouse had been pathetic and lonely, unfurnished, smoke-stained, and utterly devoid of warmth. The depression he’d sunk into since Dixie-May disappeared had sucked the comfort of a den from it, leaving it an ugly shell of an abode. He didn’t realize until moving in with Sebastian just how much having someone small cuddled up against him meant.

It was night and day, because when Wayne opened his eyes, the cobwebs of a dream making his head heavy and movements comfortably sluggish, sunlight did actually stream into the room. In his old one, he would have woken in the dark regardless of the hour—though usually he was up before the sun. He’d attributed this to work ethic for many months, but now he knew it was just his inability to stay in bed.

It was all too easy to stay in bed now, as he shifted the covers and brought a hand up to support his head. He watched Sebastian as he carefully chose colors to begin a painting, a small and curious smile on his face. It was only once the image began to take shape that Wayne sat up with a grunt, swinging his legs off the bed. He left his jeans piled in the corner and walked up behind his friend, brown eyes wandering over the canvas.

“You’ve gotta be a wizard or somethin’,” Wayne muttered. He’d seen the man’s drawings and others before, but the process confounded him.

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