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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Backdated to Sept. 29th, morning after the kidnap. Hover for translations.
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A splash of cold water awakened the wine haired Corpo with a sputtering cry. Where am I?! She demanded, feeling the raw bite of rope tied about her wrists and the dull ache in her shoulders as her arms had been arranged behind her back. Morty loomed into view, a slumped figure facedown on what appeared to be a wooden floor in the shadows. Morty…she whispered, dulled senses yet having to clear as she tried to remember what had happened. A multi-hued face swam into view. Claudine!? She managed, squinting her eyes against the terrible migraine forming in her head, the goose egg swollen on her brow to be exact. The poison! It was all coming back to her now. Jackson had done this, her eyes moved to the slash on her arm, crusted with dried blood now, but the “imagined” had definitely happened. A question was forming on her lips, but one look at her supposed friend, killed the words on her tongue.

The Lavoie girl had a vicious grin on her face, a stiletto brandished in one hand as she nodded her reply. Oui, c'est moi! Ressemble à votre ami de pute ne se réveilleront pas, vraiment dommage…her voice teased before she delivered a stifling kick to the medic’s side causing the Veleno to cry out. S'il vous plaît! Ne lui faites pas de mal! She begged, but no movement or sound came from the grey woman as the physical blow flipped her over to expose her bruised face to the light. Tais-toi! Vous aurez à votre tour, cruel laughter sprung from the artist’s lips, if that’s what she really was. Lola didn’t know anymore. What the hell was happening?

A sinister glow had entered those eyes Lola had come to recognize as friend, but now that sentiment had completely banished. Claudine, seemingly gentle and soft, was bloodthirsty and wicked. She fingered the tip of her blade before drawing it across the Acqua’s cheek, pulling a gasp from the silver vixen’s throat as an angry burning swelled to her face. She must’ve drawn blood. Lola couldn’t hold back the snarl forming on her lips as Claudine giggled mercilessly but a third voice startled her into baited silence. Y-y-you shouldn’t do that M-m-miss Clau-Claudine. A striped figure anxiously crept forward, balancing as the floor swelled beneath them. It’s a ship! You’re not the boss of me! Claudine’s heavily accented voice spat. She quickly turned on the scar eyed male, raising her free hand as if to slap him, but then a flash of mocha was at the duo’s side.

Oh no you don’t! It was the autumn haired archer from the attack. She grabbed for Claudine’s hand before it could come down. Miss Lavoie, you know there would be hell to pay if you roughed up the prisoners anymore! It’s Jackson’s orders they go untouched. Julien is just doing his job. Claudine angrily wrenched her wrist free from the woman’s grasp, but not before Lola noticed the visible shake that had gone through her at the mention of Jackson’s name. The Lavoie girl backed up with an angry huff, fixing the other with a murderous stare. Don’t mother me Sylvie, she growled. J'ai obtenu le long bien sur mon propre! Better watch your back Julien. Her eyes were narrowed at the male again, she won’t always be around to save you. And with a final snarl, the sadistic princess left, retreating up the stairs to the fresh air above deck.

Lola watched her abuser leave before she felt cornflower blue eyes settling on her. A darkpaw reached for her face, but the Veleno was leaning back against her bonds. Don’t touch me! She hissed, moonlit eyes becoming slits as the other’s handpaws raised in palm up defense. I’m not gonna hurt you miss, please...I just wanted to check that nasty bump on your head, Sylvie explained, compassion filling her cool stare. Lola relented with a hesitant nod, groaning a bit as she tried to get comfortable. The archer motioned something to Julien and suddenly the wolf dog procured a knife. With a surprised gasp, Lola tried scooting backwards again. E-e-easy m-m-miss...I’s just gonna c-c-cut your b-b-b-onds, the striped hybrid stuttered, looking to Sylvie for support. No need to fear us girl, we’re friends, the other tried to assure. Friends?! Lola scoffed, What kind of friends knock you out and tie you up? Fair enough, Sylvie replied with a sad look, We don’t agree with all of Jackson’s methods, but he wasn’t always like this. The Veleno snorted in reply, she didn’t care about Jackson. He was scum! The lumberjack had gained their trust, and this was how he repaid them? Turning the knowledge he’d learned from Morty against her and holding the women against their will.

Aye, I know you’ve no love for him, and I don’t blame you...but believe me when I say Jules and I have been against this plot from the beginning. How do I know you’re not just like her, maybe...maybe this is one of her sadistic games? Yet, somehow Lola knew that was far from the truth, Claudine wouldn’t have held so much spite in her voice for Sylvie if the woman constantly sided with her.

I’m just the ship’s cook...know a bit about healing and Julien’s our land spotter. We’ve no business shedding blood. Me and Jules, we’re the peaceful type, always have been. When we joined Jackson’s crew, we simply sailed port to port trading goods and exploring, it was a good life..honest one. When Claudine hopped ship, things changed. She’s put awful ideas in the Captain’s head once she won his brother’s heart. Now Jackson’s driven by a thirst for power and wealth. The rest of the crew seems to be on board too, breaks my heart Jean-Claude’s one of them now.

Lola weighed the archer’s words, not know the Jean-Claude she spoke of, but wanting to believe her. She was confused as to why this stranger, this pirate wanted to help her, but as Sylvie continued talking, it all seemed to make sense. She looked to the scar eyed man and with an affirming breath, nodded for him to come forward. He hopped to it, slicing through the rope that had been cutting into her wrists and quickly backing away to free Morty. Lola brought her arms forward, massaging her forearms with her fingers and rubbing her shoulders before seeing to the unconscious medic. Sh-she woke up last n-n-night, bu-but Clau…that devil got to her b-be-before I c-could, Julien offered, sadness tinging his labored speech. Oh Morty, the Veleno whispered, brushing the hair out of her friend’s face, and gingerly touching the bruises littering her face and shoulders. What did that bitch do to you? A soft moan came from the female’s throat and Lola looked to Sylvie and Julien with wide eyes. Water Jules! The mocha woman made to join the Veleno at the medic’s side, but hesitated before Lola motioned her forward.

The wolfdog returned with a skin of water as Lola carefully pulled the medic’s back up onto her lap. Can you hear me Morty? Lola’s voice was cracking, she hadn’t realized the moisture building up in her eyes. She’s gonna be okay ma-muh-miss, Julien said as Sylvie uncorked the skin and but the tip of it to the medic’s bruised lips. Another low moan emanated from her as her head moved a bit in Lola’s hands. It’s okay Morty...come on...you’ve got to wake up, the Veleno pleaded and thankfully the medic’s eyes began to flutter open. Sylvie tipped the skin as the grey woman tentatively took sips, coughing a bit when too sloshed back in her throat. As more swallows made their way down, those familiar eucalyptus eyes cleared and stared upward.

Thank the gods you’re alive! Lola exclaimed, smiling down at her friend, and wiping a tear from the medic’s cheek that had fallen from her moonlit eyes. Now you quit that blubbering! You really think I’d go that easily?! She replied in a gruff voice, before wincing and exhaling a heavy breath. Lordy, it feels like I’ve been bucked off a horse! You should see your face, Lola chuckled, before remembering their company. Mort, this is Julien and Sylvie, she motioned towards the bystanders. Friends of that bastard Jackson? She asked in an accusing voice, allowing Lola to help her move into a sitting position. They’re part of his crew, but they’re friends, Lola explained. Think you could get us off this ship? She directed the question to the archer. Sylvie looked to Julien for a long moment before turning her head back and giving a definitive nod.

That’s when things turned for worse.

Footsteps were coming down the stairs and the cook and lookout began to panic. I...I have’ta t-t-tie yous b-b-back up, Julien sputtered, quickly grabbing the mangled ropes and making due with what he had. Listen, whatever happens...Jules and I will protect you. We’ll figure out a way to escape, I promise! Sylvie whispered hastily in Lola’s ear before she roughly grabbed her arm and got her to rise to her feet. Julien mirrored her movements, helping Morty to her feet, but not before making a bit of show for the Captain as his presence seemed to overcrowd the room. The medic swayed in the wolfdog’s grasp, but Jackson caught her before she could tumble over from the sudden blood rush to her head.

Still falling for me, I see. The wouldbe lumberjack chuckled, knuckling Morty’s cheek and making a tutting sound in the back of his throat. I didn’t want to bruise such a pretty face, he admitted, but you had to fight me. Still...you look a bit more rough than I remember, he mused. Morty remained scowling and silent. No thanks to Claudine, Sylvie spat, but the Captain only chuckled. Sylvie, he drawled, they are our prisoners, our little ransom pawns, nothing else. Tell me you haven’t taken pity on them? His eyes moved to the cook. Course not, no,she replied in haste returning the Captain’s gaze as she gave Lola’s arm a brief squeeze. Good. Then you’ll hold her down while I take what I need. Sylvie complied, adjusting her grip on Lola as Jackson unsheathed a knife and took steps towards her. The Veleno’s heart began to race. He needs us for ransom...He can’t kill me. He can’t kill me...he can’t---

You’ll not touch her! Morty screamed, starting to struggle in Julien’s arms, but Lola shook her head. It’s alright Mort, her voice was shaking. Si elle n'avait pas été si prêt, j'aurais eu mon chemin avec vous. His words sent a sick shiver down her spine as the blade of his knife pressed to the soft of her throat and a massive hand fondled her breast. Vous pensez que je serais si facile?! She snarled before her head whipped back at the force of his backhanded slap. Sylvie gripped the Veleno’s arms again as if she were urging her to stop. You bastard! Morty cried at Jackson’s back, but he ignored her as he wiped Lola’s spittle from his cheek.

Ah, c'est vrai. Vous n'êtes accouplé à cet imbécile de minauderies, he chuckled, relishing the dangerous gleam of hatred burning in the Veleno’s eyes. Alister n'est pas un imbécile, il est deux fois l'homme que vous aurez jamais-- Jackson cut her off, quickly wrapping a thick hand around her neck, while Morty struggled and screamed in the background, squeezing until Sylvie’s voice cut into the spotting blackness.

Captain! I thought you wanted her alive... Lola was coughing and hacking when he released her, an angry bite had now entered his voice. Il semble, il a échoué à enseigner sa chienne de manières. Hold her still! He ordered, viciously yanking Lola forward by her hair and messily cutting a length of it away that hadn’t already come out in his brutal grab. The vixen felt her legs going limp, but Sylvie supported her weight. Vous allez apprendre à tenir votre petit tentatrice langue, je peux être beaucoup plus cruelle, he growled the menacing warning in her ear before motioning to Julien and Sylvie.

No food or water. Lock them in the brig, he handed a key to the wolfdog.

Aye Ca-cap-ta-tain! Julien replied as Jackson held up the bloody lock of Lola’s hair with a grin before exiting up the stairs. The battered women were escorted through the length of the hull until they reached a shallow corridor lined in rusted metal. It swung open with a screeching creak and while Julien kept watch, Sylvie recut the ropes binding them and handed the waterskin to Morty. Jules will bring something to eat later, but I promise you...we’ll find a way, she spoke in hushed tones, gripping Lola’s hand one last time before shutting the gated door behind her and locking it with the key.

What’d he say to you?

You don’t want to know.

When both Sylvie and Julien’s footfalls had died off, Veleno and Medico turned to one another and hugged each other for a long time in the damp darkness.

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