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Final Battle, MANDATORY

POSTED: Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:33 pm

+4 This thread is MANDATORY and for adult characters, only! This thread will consist of 5 rounds!
This post begins the first round, characters may think over and react to the attack plan ONLY. The fighting will start in the next round which will begin with Jazper's post.

All characters are split into two groups, and will be assigned NPCs to fight, this allows everyone to participate. Please read for your assignments, the newspost is located here.
This thread is back-dated to the evening of October 12th

The ship was moored in the distance, a dark, looming mass ahead of them, bobbing ambiently with the waves. There were others, figures in the distance, milling outside of the vessel. This is close enough. Alister said, halting and turning to the armed mass of the Cavaliers behind him in the treed expanse of the forest. The brush hid them from sight and gave them a good view of the battlefield before them. He was armored in leather, one of the suits from the CdM/CdC tourney: a long, laced leather jerkin, bracers, and leg guards adorned his tall, muscled frame. On his person was his longsword, belted over the armor, the jeweled dagger (an engagement gift from Lola) was sheathed at his opposite side, and on his back was his weathered shield. His expression was grim in the light of the coming battle, but there was a fire in his eyes. Before us lies criminals and thieving scum- pirates, whose greed led them on this path to condemnation. I do not revel at the thought of bloodshed, but they have brought this fate upon themselves.

We will split into groups. Jazper will lead the first assault. His group will take out the guards, while myself and the rest slip aboard, and rescue Lola and Morty. His hazel gaze shifted to the dark pelted Sole, before they returned to the crowd. Veri, Anubis, Ryuu, Rurik, and Wayne, you’re all with me. The wolfdog looked to each face in turn, his comrades. Soon enough, they’d be shedding blood together, and he was honored to stand beside each and every one of them, his pack.

“Wait! You forgot someone!” A familiar, feminine voice called from the back of the group. Alister’s brows furrowed a moment before the grey and gold dusted wolfess pushed her way to the front. Kaylee was armed with her daggers, and her vivid amber and gold gaze was keen on her friend’s face. For a moment, Alister said nothing, he didn’t know what there was to say. The last thing he’d seen of the Lockyer woman was her back as she fled from him, heartbroken, and crying.

Clearing his throat, he gave her an affirmative nod, right, err-- good to have you back, Miss Lockyer. There wasn’t much else he could say to her, so he left it at that, but secretly, he was glad to see she’d returned. No matter what had happened between them, she was still a good friend, one of the best he had, and he was happy that they’d have to chance to fight beside one another, as they should have done before.

There was a knowing in her eyes, a sadness, but she smiled despite it, and stood beside the others in his company. Alister smiled lightly, before his expression returned to dutiful neutrality and he looked on his Sole to take it from here.

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She had been on edge all day, half dreading and half anticipating this moment. So close, they were so close to ending this and righting what was wrong! The earthy female had done her best to prepare herself. She only wished she had a little more proficiency with a bow and arrow in attempts to maintain a fighting strategy at a distance, but her targets were still on the little woodland creatures around and outside the territory. She didn't want to waste arrows trying to aim for the scoundrels, anyway. The Prova would rely on what she knew, and would stick with her four-limbed form over her more exposed Optime one.

Her biggest concern, however, was her lack of armor. She hadn't been in possession of any before coming to the pack, nor was there anything that could properly provide her adequate protection. It was an issue she would need to deal with, in light of the event, but there was little else to be done about it at the moment. She could only hope to be quicker than their opponents, enough so to avoid serious injury.

In silence, she moved amongst her fellow pack mates, many of them armed outside of nature's gifts of teeth and claws, bearing shields or some sort of armor. To an untrained eye, she certainly looked unprepared for the coming struggle. Granted, there was an advantage over her, but she would show that the ways of old were still an effective style for combat. At the War Lord's command, she halted, and gazed ahead at the wooden structure, the very same she'd discovered the night before. She was calm, her expression neutral, yet her eyes gleamed with her inner fire. Intently, she listened to the plan.

She would be working with the Sole, it seemed. It mattered little which group she went with, so long as she was a part of the whole. She glanced at those whose names hadn't been called, those who would fight alongside her, as well as those who would truly dive into the belly of the beast and rescue the captured. They would do this, all of them, and they would certainly wind up successful... One ear flicked back at the call from behind, and golden eyes followed the she-wolf as she emerged, moving out of the way to let her through. A bit late, but better than never, was all the thought the earthy female out into it. The interruption over, the Prova turned her gaze silently to both the War Lord and Sole, ready for the signal, a sign to start.

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The white pelted male stood as silent as the pack mates about him, staring at the silhouette of their target, his pupils dilating as the light faded from the sky. He could feel the thrum of excitement tingling through his muscles at the prospect of battle. The feeling was muted and controlled though, his mind a clear pool of peace and clarity, aware of his bodies sensations, but not ruled by them. Since his war lords warning of the approaching battle, the Japanese male had prepared in his own way. He had trained his body, meditated for many hours, before allowing himself the luxury of sleep. He had awoke and eaten sparingly, before observing the ritual that consumed the most of his time. He bathed, using hot water to cleanse his body of all impurities it had collected, dust was sloughed from him, along with dead fur and skin. Each wipe of the rough cloth was slowly made and deliberate done. It seemed every aspect of his life was ruled by ritual and preparation for combat was no different. He did not finish his cleansing until the water was cool, and his entire pelt held the fine sheen of moisture.

Now the white pelted male stood naked, save for the black silk armband tied tightly around his upper right arm. He was unarmed, a stark contrast to many of his pack mates. As the War Lord spoke his name, Ryuu moved forward, his gait easy and unruffled. Today he fought for his new home and the pack he had come to live among. Their battle was against the dishonourable and the cowardly, they did not deserve warrior deaths, they deserved to be hanged so that their return to the wheel would be at a lower station.
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Thorn's clutched fists tightened on the bow around his neck. He was itching to use it, he wanted to make these pirates pay for what they'd done. The scarred male stared forward to Alister, feeling energy build up inside. He was ready, Thorn knew what must be done today. Be it by his bow, or someone's sword, blood would be spilt today. Thorn could only hope it was the enemies. Thorn still felt on edge since being told of Lola and Morty's capture. He couldn't come to terms with how Alister, Lola's mate must have felt when Thorn rushed to tell him and the Sole the news, but knowing both women personally, both saving Thorn one way or another, it made Thorn sick to think they might be hurt or worse.

Thorn cloak clung to his legs, the archer felt a duty to wear it on this occasion, to show what pack he belonged to, how proud he was to be serving that pack. He smiled weakly to members as they walked with the group, his eye turning to those he trusted most. Thorn was glad the younger members, like Isla or Valerie weren't here. He knew how they must feel, just as much itching to get revenge as Thorn did, but the scarred wolf knew the danger they would face today. So far, the pirates had been like a storm. Blurry and unpredictable, and most of all dangerous. The initial pirate attack was humorous in the way that it was so easily won. But smiles were torn when the pack had to come to terms with kidnapping, and the betrayal of new members. Vincent and his 'mate', Thorn had trusted them both, finding ways to enjoy their company, by it by Vincent's hunting or Claudine's painting. But now Thorn could only assume he would be facing them in the bloodshed.

Thorn swallowed, his palms getting sweaty in the tension. He heard Alister talk, and paid good attention to the respected War-Lord. So Thorn was to take part in the main fight on the beach, the archer pulled on his bow, nodding his head to the instructions. Thorn had once gone to lengths to completely hate any kind of conflict, for a while the wolf had assumed himself to be cursed, especially after the attack that took his eye. But now, with the help of his pack mates, Thorn had recovered, and picked up his bow and quiver. Although Thorn still had mixed feelings for conflicting pain on others, some making him sick, he would not hesitated to hurt Casa's enemies, not when they had friends tied up with ropes.
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Aro stood amongst his fellow Cavaliers. They were excited and nervous, the energeries affecting him mildly, but his mind hard to focus on the current event. The true task. He was out for his own agenda, and that was to find his son and the mother to his precious boy. His obviously had his own agenda. It wasn't until the "war lord" said who was where that Aro gave him attention. So...he was with his father....and they were to take out the guards....Aro would be swift...

His body straiightened and he rolled his shoulders preparing for the challenge. Bones cracked and his blue eyes raged with a storm, a malicious grin taking over his muzzle. The blck and white male said nothing, no words were needed...

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Sleep had not been easy to come by. Even with the various herbs she had mixed up for herself to aid her in a restful night. It was here, it was now. Her blood was pumping steadily, ready for action. The wood of her staff had been oiled to avoid cracking during battle. Her herbs were fully stocked in the rabbit hide pouch on her belt. Her dagger was freshly sharpened and oiled, likewise with her raptor blade. Her ears pricked this way and that, listening to voices and murmurs going around.

They stopped still among the trees to watch the enemy. Their ship was big. She'd never been on board one before, before some pieces of her readings came back to her to give her an idea of how difficult this would be. She heard Alister's voice and lifted her head to listen. Her muzzle wrinkled silently in agreement. She didn't like to shed blood in this. It was better to exchange words than shed blood and lose lives. But they had done this, not the Cavaliers. Her pack-mates were only taking back what had been taken from them by force.

It was close to time to get ready. She heard her name be called by Alister's voice, and felt a tingle of excitement rush through her. She looked through the crowd, her eyes touching on each member of the party she had been assigned with. Anubis she was new with, but she recognized him. Ryuu was a sore thumb with his pure white pelt, and she moved to him. He had moved forward to Alister once his name was called. She glanced around. She'd been pleased to hear that Rurik was on her team. She hadn't spoken to him for some time.

She nodded her head to the dark pelted male, motioning him over to join her and Ryuu. Her eyes sought out the sixth member of the team, Wayne, but she couldn't see him right off. Maybe he was hidden by the trees, to far back for her to see. She trusted he'd be there though. Her ears twitched from the call of a female voice to wait. She was confused. Missing someone? Her sapphire orbs gazed around until she saw a grey and gold dusted female slowly making her way to the front. The look she and Alister exchanged was interesting, but she dismissed it. One more warrior was one more advantage on their side.

The cream furred wolfess was impatient to start this. She wanted Lola and Morty back, safe in the lands of Casa do Cavalieri. Safe in the Fort. where they could rest and recover and heal. She flexed her muscles to warm up, her gaze a hot blue were anyone to meet it. She turned her eyes to the Sole, waiting for further instruction from him. She bounced softly from foot to foot, bending her knees, warming her calves and thighs for any running. She would be ready when the signal was given to attack.

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Rurik wasn't with his comrades. He wasn't even remotely in the same area. He was miles away, at least in his mind. All he could feel was an ice cold pit in his stomach that demanded to be warmed with the blood of his enemies, and next to that was a raging inferno that could only be doused with more of the same. He stood in the back, half listening to his Sole's and the War Lord's words, his gazed fixated on the ship in the distance while images of the deck running red with blood as he danced between the corpses ran through his mind. His eyes were half hidden under the hood of his black cloak, which was the only form of armor he had on, and could they have been seen they would be burning a bright red to match his quiet rage. Oh how he could not wait to spill the blood of their enemies. His soul practically sang for it, and he could almost hear his blades calling for their master's hand to bring death to those that would attack and kidnap his family.

He heard his name called and started listening more. "Good, I'll be able to kill many of them on the ship. Maybe I'll find that one with the rapier, or their captain. That would be delicious." His snout curled up into a silent snarl as he imagined cutting their captain to ribbons in front of them. His gaze finally broke and he looked over his fellow Cavaliers. Some were armed, some weren't. That was their prerogative, he personally liked the extended reach a weapon gave him. His mind then flicked to what he had brought with him: his katana and dagger. He had cleaned them as best as he could the night before having been lacking blade oil. He had nearly gotten them to a mirror finish, so the last thing his enemies would see was their own fearful expressions before the light faded from them forever.

His eyes caught sight of Veri seemingly at the same time her's caught his as she nodded to him and motioned him over. He moved stiffly, the slowness of walking irritating him. He glanced at her from under his hood, then stared into her eyes, letting her see his own. In an undertone he spoke to her and only her "Stay out of my way." It made out as more of a quiet growl than actual words, but he knew she would understand.

He gripped the hilt of both under his cloak, his entire body tensed for action. He wanted to run down to the ship and start slaughtering now, why were they waiting. Every muscle, every sinew, bone, and fiber of his body was tensed for action, as tight as a spring, ready to release his hatred and rage on the one's who deserved it. Before the night was done, if no one else did, he would make them think they had incurred the wrath of the very demons of the deepest reaches of hell.

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He was upset with Alister for disowning the Knight name in favor of a relationship with his blood father, whom the Sole was still hesitant to get to know. He could understand wanting to get to know the man who sired you but the Knight Father believed strongly that family bonds could be just as strong with those who took you in and cared for you, his own puphood taking place under the supervision of adoptive parents. But for now he knew that the tawny lad needed him more than ever, and he needed Alister, if they were going to safely retrieve Lola and Morty back.

With the common goal in mind they had marched towards the pirate’s ship at sun set, some members quietly mumbling to one another and other silent, but a common buzz of energy surged through the group of protectors as their paws carried them one step at a time towards their fate. His tawny War Lord led the group, a privilege given by his rank, experience and his mate’s misfortunes. The Sole himself took to the back of the lot. Beside him Wayne and Sebastian walked silently with him, two of his oldest comrades taking up the rear with him in a silent march.

The three higher ups tucked behind the stalled group while Alister spoke, Jazper waiting patiently for his speech to be finished. Looking over the heads and down at the ship the Sole could see three larger figures, who’s coloration did not seem to match the pirates he had fought in the past, and his brow frowned.

Alister’s voice trailed off and the large Sun King stepped forward dawned in his casual wear, a dagger on each hip and his claymore on his back. He was calm and ready as he took a stand beside the War Lord. “Sebastian, Aro, Clodoveo and I will charge the ship and take out anyone not on board. Nadia and Thorn, I will depend on you to have our backs as we take care of your fronts.” Looking over the group he was straight faced. “Today, together, we take back what is ours. Let them see what happens to those who act with deceit and dishonor against Cavaliers.” As he spoke his lip curled up, exposing his teeth in a toothy scowl.

Pulling his claymore from his back the Sole looked towards his group, Sebastian taking to his side with a devilish grin. With a ferocious snarl Jazper started the charge, unafraid. Two hands held his sword as he led the first round down the hill and towards the ship.

The three figures grew larger and clearer as the first group approached, all three figures turning into large male wolves. However they were not alone. As the group charged two other figures left the ship, Mathieu and Jean-Claude. A low growl formed in the Soles gut. “Sebastian and I will take the pirates. The rest of you take the guards!” He snarls loudly, his orders clear as his golden eyes met the snarky gaze of saber user and within seconds the dog mix was upon him.

OOC: List of who shall fight whom for Jaz's group: Mathieu, - Jaz
Jean-Claude - Seb
3x hired muscle - Large male wolves of various colors:
1 ) Timber wolf markings - blue eyes - Clod + Nadia
2) Dust grey - green eyes - Aro
3) Chocolate brown - Brown eyes - Thorn
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The longer they waited, hidden from view, the more Nadia struggled to keep down the nervous thrill building up inside of her. This was her first actual, planned out battle, and part of her was uncertain. Would it be chaotic like the first assault? She tried to keep her mind off her own inexperience, only to wonder about who among them had it. Clodoveo, she was pretty sure, had some experience in some form, and she definitely imagined the long-time standing members had some as well... That was likely a good chunk of the pack. Her paws twitched under her at the thought, but she urged herself to try to remain as still as possible. Her nerves mingled with the buzzed excitement and nerves of her fellow pack mates, which didn't help in the matter. Focus...Just focus...

Her head turned sharply forward when golden eyes glimpsed the Sole stepping forward, his large form quite intimidating, the daggers and claymore adding to the display. Whoever was foolish enough to get in his way would certainly be in for some trouble. Her ears were erected as he spoke, dipping her head silently as she listened to the plan. She would make sure not to disappoint. Her tail nearly lashed from side to side, his words further fueling the fire inside her. They will pay...They will pay...

The mantra played over and over again in her mind as she gathered with the rest of the group, taking up the rear. For a second, she glanced at Clodoveo, and hoped for the best. Not just for him, but for everyone. She hoped that they came through this with minimal injury, and Lola and Morty safe and sound, or the closest thing to it. Her muscles coiled up like springs, as she waited...

One snarl, and they charged. The earthy female felt her heart drum against her rib age as she cleared the hill. She could make out for a second two other figures joining the three below before her descent started. Her golden eyes looked over the three large males that waited for them below. Any fear she could have felt was suppressed, replaced already with a rush of adrenaline. The clear order sank into her mind, and already, her focus was turned to the guards. Sharp blue eyes caught her attention, and a low growl rumbled deep inside her chest. She began to charge towards the timber coated male, barely registering the shadowy blur who moved to engage with her target. She let out her own snarl as she came onto the timber wolf.

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The time to fight was amongst them soon enough. Friends split to follow the leaders, and Thorn waited for his comrades to pass before following behind his group. At the front, the towering form of Jazper stormed forward, shouting back orders. Thorn gripped his bow with great anticipation. He wanted to reward Casa with the justice they all deserved, and now that it was about to become reality, Thorn felt his toes go colder. The chilling weather of the windy shore brushed against his fur, but still the scarred male glared forward with an alien confidence. He was, surprisingly, ready for what was to come. Blood would shed, from his arrows. For the first time Thorn was certain of that.

Jazper's commands came to reality as Thorn heard his name being called, and nodded past the field of bodies between him and the giant Sole. The wolf breathed deep and clear, watching his friends set out forward, whilst he stood sure-footed on the high ground.
Battle began like a flash of lightening, before Thorn could concentrate, fights broke out all over the shore. Thorn's good eye scanned over the fights, looking for openings that could endanger his friends. The archer readied his bow, nose still turned to the battle as he moved. Nadia, his comrade in protecting the other's backs, found her fight soon enough, rushing towards a towering guard.

The amount of guards concerned Thorn. He knew there would be more pirate than those Casa had faced, but he didn't expect all this meat. Perhaps hired, but the large males still looked like a challenging wall for the Cavaliers to get over. Thorn's eye noticed one particular male, chocolate features and a snarl over his lips as he watched the fight around him. Frankly he looked a bit lost, like a fawn lost from it's herd. Thorn smiled to himself, holding down his breath as he took aim. The arrow flew without much thought on Thorn's behalf. It flew with it's own purpose, and found it's target easily. The large male grimaced as the arrow struck his shoulder, bewildered brown eyes darting for the arrows owner.

Thorn growled with glee, until the chocolate male's eyes found him, with a swift snap of his arms, the arrow was pulled out. Thorn's smiled moved down with weight as the hired brute stormed closer. Thorn huffed, quickly lifting another arrow to his bow, trying not to notice the now running wolf charging in on him.
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