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Wake up to the sound of your fleeting heart

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The forest was awakening. All around, it stirred with life, even as the cool breath of winter flowed down to them from the mountains far in the north. There was a marked chill to the air, and Neraka pulled his tanned and treated cloak tighter about him. The soft supple doe-leather, although not particularly as pretty nor colorful as the clothes he was used to back home, was certainly effective in this harsher climate; he wore it now with the big heavy hood up to hide his face from the cold wind.

Neraka was feeling bold. He had slunk away from his siblings to explore - Their slow migration south in search of his missing kin was a long and painful endeavor, and in recent days the dreariness had become almost unbearable to the young Tarasova male. He was not particularly an avid lover of adventure, but even those who found comfort in familiarity would find his brother's dogged stubbornness hard to stomach.

It felt odd to be alone. As he walked, he touched the passing trunks. They were cool beneath his fingerpads, gnarled and stubbed and much much older than he. The closer he came to the shore - Neraka knew the ocean was ahead, somewhere, for the salty scent of it had been in the air for days of their travel now - the more gnarled and wispy the trees grew, thinning as though the sandy soil was strangling them. It was somewhat spooky, the quiet morning and the cold grey sky overhead, with clouds so dense that even the morning sun had trouble piercing them - But he did not want to be craven, and seeing as he had started this exploration to the sea, Neraka knew that in good honor he must at least grace his eyes on the churning water before turning back.

The ground crunched softly beneath his big feet. The boy, now a young man in truth, was still weaving his way slowly through the trees when suddenly there simply were no more of them, and before him was the howling endless expanse of the ocean.

Citrine gaze was owlishly huge, his maw parted in a little 'o' of awe. He had walked out onto a high bluff cliff that overlooked an inlet from the sea. There was a steep fall down to the water below, and Neraka was not quite so bold as to walk to the edge of the cliff and see for himself just how far down the drop went until it reached the foaming green waters. A sudden gust of wind sent the hood from his cloak flapping back over his shoulders, revealing the young male's strange borzoi-esk features, his crooked nose and long tufted ears and worse still, that red omen-splash that streaked down his muzzle.

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Bandages covered him, tightly secured around his limbs and incorporated into his outfit; better to look like he was attempting to set some strange fashion trend then look weak in the eyes of any passing stranger. It had become stifling, sitting around and resting, doing little but ponder over all his mistakes in life again and again, unable to escape from them no matter how hard he tried. Rei had repeatedly told him not to head out, yet when had he taken orders from a feeble, white runt?

Sneaking out had been relatively easy, given that no one really cared if he lived or died just at that moment, that his family probably didn't think he was quite dumb enough to ignore a medics stressed advice. Lifting his scarf he hunkered down into it, moving around leisurely and allowing himself time to just be numb to the world; to not think or have a purpose other then to wonder. It was a cowardly thing and at some level he knew he was just trying to escape from his problems, but some problems were to big, too scary, too overwhelming for him to even dream of facing on his own. And right at that moment, there was no one standing in his corner to back him up and help him.

Even with his family around him, he was alone. Even with a new pack, he was an outcast. What had he hoped to achieve with his madness that he had allowed this to happen? Petty revenge that had never even happened. Perhaps things would be easier if he just upped and threw himself of a mountain ledge. Rid the world of the poisoned being that he was. It would be so much easier to do that, then face the wrath and betrayed feelings of his siblings, to morn the loss of Rin.

Death seemed so appealing and yet it was not an option for him. It would never be an option for him. There was so much more at stake then his petty revenge and he needed to remember that. He was an Itō and soon things would change and be better again.

Scents came and passed, along with sights and sounds, none really registering with him until a flash of colour drew his eyes over to a lone male, the hybrid coming to a stand still just to stare at the male with open curiosity.

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Wake up to the sound of your fleeting heart

It was hard to say how long he had been staring at the ocean when the male appeared. The waters were mesmerizing, so vast that they stretched far off to the sky. Though up here on the peaks the wind buffeted about him, and down below the water churned and hissed like a living thing, Neraka felt oddly at peace. The ocean made him feel very small, but that was not necessarily a bad thing. It is good to be humbled every now and again, he thought, smiling out at the waves.

And that was when the male had appeared, off to his left. The young Tarasova male hadn't seen his approach - One moment he had been alone, and the next, he had company. The youth's body jolted in surprise, his mouth forming a little 'o' as owlish yellow eyes turned to look over the stranger. He was wearing black, what appeared to be an immense amount of treated leather that had a wet polished look to it. The young male's white fingers tugged at his own brown cloak, feeling self-conscious. Back home, he would have been garbed in vibrant reds and yellows, and even their leathers would have been stained a merry color. Here, in this land, Neraka wore only the dull doe-hide cloak, and it was duller still in comparison to the stranger's bizarre raiment.

The other hadn't said anything, and now Neraka was feeling awkward, and just a little bit anxious, too. Dom said that strangers were trouble to them - That they could be dangerous. Neraka had a small dagger, holstered in a small pocket sewn into the lining of his cloak, but that was all - And he certainly wasn't much of a fighter. Physical confrontation made him nervous.

He remembered his mother, her beautiful smile, and the way she had always welcomed strangers to their hearth. Holding that picture in his mind, Neraka tried a warm smile of his own. He was a plain-looking sort of youth, perhaps a little pudgy around the belly, and a little odd-looking with his crooked nose and his tufty ears, but Neraka's smile was kind and genuine, and it spread up to his eyes.

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