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- Zalen Damaichu - 10-05-2012

Ever since Nuki's prolonged inactivity and eventual leaving ND I've been needing some help keeping things tidy behind the scenes. After much consideration, I've decided to appoint Ariel (Kiara) as New Dawn's first (and I think 'Souls' first) OOC Manager.

What this means that she will have co-leader powers, usually reserved for the top ranked members of the pack, but her character will remain in her rank. The OOC Manager, like the title implies, has OOC powers only. Ariel will be able to help me maintain the website, the portal, the maintenance thread, twitter etc. but Kiara will not be able to make demotions/promotions, accept mateships etc. I felt this would be best, considering the alternative would be for Zalen to swoop in and steal Kiara away from Tharin, and that just wouldn't be good.

So, say hello to our new OOC Manager, Ariel Big Grin

- Alyssum de Fonte - 10-05-2012

Yo Ariel yo! 8D

- Kiara Amarok - 10-05-2012

Hello Ariel... wait...
Hi everyone! I'll do my best to help out on the OOC boards. Even if I don't post every day, I tend to check my pm's everyday so feel free to send a pm my way.

- Sky Rhiannon - 10-05-2012

Congrats, Ariel! Big Grin

- Soran Aatte - 10-05-2012

Woo! Congratulations Ariel!!! Big Grin

- Terra - 10-06-2012

My Kiara! *sits on*


- Fayne - 10-06-2012

Congrats!! How awesome. Big Grin

- Colibri Haki - 10-06-2012

Congratulations, Ariel~!! <3

- Adonia Demos - 10-06-2012

Congratulations Ariel :3