Building Myself
It was time again to assist in making new torches to light the AniWayan village. The older ones were burning low now and it was only a few days time before they would run out completely. Tiva had been a patient teacher to Gemma and had built upon what Ralla had been able to teach her in the short time before the white woman had departed with her children for the unknown. They had long ago gotten over their trepidation of each other and Tiva was sympathetic to Gemma's children, their presumed father being exiled and thought her brave for raising them alone although adopting a friend to stand in as a surrogate father was a strange and yet somehow agreeable idea to Tiva.

Although Gemma was not one for crafting and making things this was one area in the crafting world that she was better at everything else simply from the amount of practice she had had. Tiva had had her create torches over and over again until she had gotten it right. Even when her injures had proved too much to allow her to work physically the older woman did not slack in her teaching duties and instead quizzed Gemma on her AniWayan whishe she was progressing in with very large leaps and bounds, having two very good teachers, Native Tiva and Tamai Waki also.

Now Tiva finally trusted her to be alone and be able to correctly make the torches and so she did so, gathering up her supplies, a large amount of long straight sticks, the rawhide tie and cloth he would need to fuel them and hold them together and of course the needed oils to saturate the cloth with so they would burn long and strong. She sat alone now on one of the logs that surrounded the Great Fire, placing the finished torches upright against the town hall behind her as she finished them. Even with Gemma's experience it was slow work for the torches had to all be perfectly aligned and shaped lest they fall over in heavy winds and burn someones house.
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Sighet, always so positive, reflected on her day kindly. She'd had a wonderful meet up with members of the pack and finished carving a small bead to represent this stage of her life. If things kept going how they were she'd have no problem spending the rest of her life as a tribe member. The lands around her were perfect, suiting her needs just fine. Sigh walked along the new found territory she'd become apart of.

As she began to hum, striding in her luperci form, she paused afar from what appeared to be another woman. What was this? Her eyes squinted, inspecting each detail of the female's work. Carving? Was it a wolf of similar rank? Curiosity and the need to be friendly shortly over came her. She half skipped half power walked over to the other luperci, waving a hand and calling out as she did. "Well hello there," she said, "I'm Sighet–the new carpenter ranked girl... Do you carve wood as well?"

There was a moment of pause as the british wolf awaited the response she would expect. A smile was on her face and her eyes wondered down to her work. It was then she realized how much the fae struggled. Her work was acceptable, definitely better than others, but it seemed she was probably not in a carving rank at all. Without a response or not, Sigh took a seat beside her and took one of the finished torches in her hand. Calico hands ran down the design and shape. They were quite easy to create. She could help if the woman needed it.

She looked up at the woman in front of her and tilted her head. "Would you like some help?"
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The heat against her cheek was pleasant and she soon slipped into her work, becoming unresponsive and unaware of the wolves that would walk by her. Every now and again the stumpy remains of her left ear would twitch as she worked, its muscles irreparably damaged by Liam's attack. The wood in her hands resisted her at every turn, she was not a natural at this but through her pure will it soon laid down to her demands producing yet another finished torch. She was about to raise herself and place the ones she had already created in the town hall for Tiva to set up later when a shadow fell over her. Her blumine eyes turned upwards, the smooth white fur around them waving delicately in the slight breeze. It was true for the whole of her fur which was a fine and luxurious thing until one would reach the left side of her face and look upon the mass of knotted scarred skin linked to the decapitated ear.

"Osiyo Sighet. I am Gemma, the Gata Hineyu." She cocked her head and then remembered Tiva speaking of a new Gatlvska and that Gemma should try to meet with her at some point. "Oh! You're the new Gatlvska? That's just perfect, I was about to come and find you. Please take a seat." She said the last bit with some humor as Sighet had already plonked herself down next to Gemma and was inspecting the torch she had just completed and had yet to oil.

"Help would be appreciated. As the Gatlvska it's part of your duties to help the Gata Hineyu, that's me, to make them." She looked up towards the Great Fire roaring several feet away from them and then turned to Sighet with a small smile,

"Shall I show you the AniWayan way to create and oil these torches?" She thought Tiva a would be very proud of her for offering to show the Gatlvska her new duties.
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Sighet was new to the pack and, although she'd stayed with the coyote tribe, everything was much different here. She curiously starred at the girl who introduced her as the Gata H-something or another and spoke of Sigh's duties which she hadn't realized she had. Blue eyes, so magnificent, raised to the large fire the british woman had noticed every time she was in this area. "What's it for?" she finally said, refusing to notice how ignorant she was on the AniWaya ways. Someone had told her she was the carpenter, another had said there was a greater tribe than this that AniWaya had come from, and yet another had mentioned the other ways of this pack.

Relief slightly flooded the calico wolfess as the Gata woman volunteered to assist the foolish newbie in her works. "That'd be amazing. Thanks!" She drew her tool of choice from her bag and awaited the orders she knew the lady would have while smiling kindly. Casually, after the instructions of course, she began to speak to the lovely fae. "So what exactly is your job here?"
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Her gaze followed the stranger woman's gaze to the Great Fire and the warmth sprang to her face. She could understand the confusion about it if you did not know the tradition and history behind it. She pulled herself up tall and cleared her throat, ready to recite the piece of history that was engraved into her perfect memory, "To understand why it exists you must know its story." Her voice developed an almost dreamlike quality, never before had she spoken this piece of law and been the first to educate an outsider,

"It is said that at some point, we knew nothing. Either there were none of us, or we were not enlightened as we are now. Some claim we lived a long time without hands, corn and fire, hunting in savage groups and every day inching towards extinction from the humans. Most of us believe there was nothing; no humans, and no us. When earth was created, our minds were numbed at first, but it did not take long until we discovered our true forms and conquered the large plains. We found horses and animals that could provide us with milk, and we could hunt with bow and arrow. This was the great gift bestowed upon our people.

We had no tribe, but we were many. There were seven great families scattered on the plains, often at war with each other. They were such fierce enemies that they would not send their young brides and grooms to other families. When the women started having sick children who were weak or deformed and died early, at least one of the Mothers of the families suggested they combine instead. They all had problems with children, and the wars with each other bore no fruit, only deaths. Finally, the seven families joined to form the first AniWayan tribe, and after that there were no more sick children. They had so many hunters they never needed to starve, and their crops were always successful. It was a sign from the spirits that they had indeed done a good thing, and after some time the tribe became blessed with the spirits' presence. Spirit Guides appeared to each new young one born to the tribe and stayed with them until their death. In their honor, the seven families who made up the tribe spared one ember each of their family hearths. So, the Great Fire was born. We honor it still as the most sacred element, and as representative of our history. Even more so, it is a symbol of our appreciation of the spirits' blessings."

As she finished the fire sparked and popped, sending out white hot embers to flare in the air briefly before extinguishing, she often thought that she fire had its own life separate from the stories. A hallowed feeling came over her as she spoke again, an almost kind of warning, "This fire must never, ever go out, if it does then we will have lost our way and our honor will be as the dust at our feet." She now turned again to the woman, feeling solemn,

"Here I shall assist you. I don't think so highly of myself that I should teach you your own craft, that is not my intent. You must have proved your skills as a carpenter and woodworker to be granted that rank, Councilwoman Ulilohi does not make any decision without due care and attention, especially one so important as the profession paths." Suddenly she received a brief image from Tamai Waki, a fire that flared brighter as though gaining new fuel and she smiled, the crease between her eyebrows disappearing. She was attaining new levels of spirituality to speak thus of the Anasgayv.

"It is imperative that our torches be as straight as possible and beyond a certain length, firstly so that they do not list over in heavy winds and set fire to the surrounding houses and also so that they can be pushed deep into the ground for better anchorage." She held up an unworked length of wood that was of the appropriate length so that Sighet could get a rough estimate of what she was trying to explain. "And then we tie around the cloth thus so.." Her voice drifted off as she slowly tied the complex knot around the end of the torch and then tied it into place with a twist of rawhide string.

"My job? I take care of the fire. I'm only the Gata Hineyu though, the fire maker, the lowest of the tier. I assist the Otlvna Gata, the fire keeper and the Etikaiele Gata, the fire master. I collect wood and make and light the torches, gather oils and fats to burn, things like that. I dance in ceremonies with the Otlvna Gata. Perhaps you would like a demonstration of this before we continue?"


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