Back from her long trip

She was excited to be back, but her mind was still fresh on that stranger. Her eyes looked around, she wasn't sure where she would find Domonick. He seemed to know her a bit more than she did him, but then again she was so whimsical a lot could get past her anyway. She thought maybe she should take her stuff home anyway, she didn't want him to see the painting, she still thought it was stupid of her to pick it up...but it reminded her of him. Maybe he would like it? She couldn't decide. With a huff she headed home, she would find Domonick before she went to bed, just to say hi.

Her tail wagged as she began to whistle a random tune. It wasn't too random to her, but to others it would be. It was a song from her childhood. (Pink Floyd, Pink) She came to her doorway. Her home was in Mirror Villa. She liked the small town look, it reminded her of her childhood. She had came across tons of small towns and always wanted to live in one, and, so, here she was living in the small dense town. Opening her door she set the stuff just inside. She hadn't shut the door, kind of a thing she didn't make a habit of yet. Her mind went to shifting from her Optime form, but she was sort of liking it to some degree. She wondered if she should go hunt for some clothing, she saw many who did wear clothing, and many who didn't. She wasn't sure if she would like it, but it seemed like it would be fun to dress up..who knew?

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