NEWS -- Forum reorganization and more!
Major renovations!
OOC forum reorganization
The main information for the game, formerly stored in the board Help Files, are now topics in a new forum: Roleplay Information. The Mentorship Program is now a subforum of RI. Some of Roleplay Related's old topics can also be found there, while the rest of RR has now become Roleplay Aides. Please take a moment to re-orient yourselves with the new set-up!

A lot of things were reorganized to make it easier to access information. Hopefully you find this new set-up a easier to navigate! Links to the major topics are still in the rows above the announcement box.

There is also a new drop down box beneath the Pack Ranks box to all of the offsite links! It includes a link to our Twitter, Livejournal, deviantART, Formspring and Facebook! As a sidenote, our Google Profile has links to all of the social networking sites!

Book Club Removal
The Book Club subforum of OOC Garbage has been removed. All topics have been shuffled back into OOCG. Members are welcomed to continue discussing books and readings, but there will no longer be a dedicated forum.

Moderation Updates
Please welcome Alli as our newest Basic mod and congratulate Libri on her promotion to Senior mod! As always, we would like to thank all of the mods and members who help contribute to making 'Souls a great place to roleplay.

Like any volunteer organization, 'Souls is run by many dedicated members, and we would nothing without you guys! Our mods are chosen for their dedication to 'Souls, willingness to help, and desire to make 'Souls a better community for everyone. While being a moderator comes with responsibilities, and of course power, the key (haha, key) to being a mod is that they volunteer their time to help!

Auxiliary Characters
The Auxiliary Characters section of the Procedures page has been simplified and updated. Although there are no changes to the procedure, we tried to make it read a little clearer!

To clarify: if you wish to pick up a second character, you must make 45 posts and wait 1.5 months. If you drop your second character, you must make 45 posts and wait 1.5 months. It's the same for everyone!

Rules Update
The Rules have been updated to specify that only members 13 years old may join 'Souls.

Feel free to comment on any news article posted!

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