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Crap post too, writing it while I get ready and before we fly out the door >.<

It was getting warmer every day. The breezes were humid, and stained with salt no matter how far the ocean was. Buds had grown into feathered flowers and more green growth was appearing on plants. It seemed the perfect time to get away.

Ever squeezed Ezra’s hand, her delicate smoky fingers wrapped around his behind her. Her other hand was tangled in the stallion’s mane as they rode steadily towards the tallest point in the distance. They had been traveling for many hours, stopping very little. The mountain was a ways from Cour des Miracles, but the only place to find a heard of wild horses besides the island off the coast.

Originally, Ezra hadn’t said no to his mate’s eager suggestion on finding him a mare. Yet, he hadn’t been particularity agreeable. She knew he was nervous, but if he wasn’t, she wouldn’t have suggested the trip. It felt better having someone with her the third time she went, especially Ezra. As they traveled and the day went by slowly, the silver hybrid could sense her mate’s nerves dissolving.

By the time the sun had sunk under the sea, the golden stallion had made its way between the sparse trees and dry grass to a relatively green patch beside the mountain. She dismounted in her usual, graceful way, and began to gather wood, or anything else they would need for the night they would be staying. Occasionally looking over at her lover with a frosted blue-grey gaze, Ever began to construct a fire. Concentration began to take over as she battled with one of her many enemies. The wood smoked and billowed, glowing angrily and shooting back at the girl with heated vengeance. She blew gently and sent sparks a few inches away before a flame caught on a small twig. Ever treated it carefully until a small fire became.

Saphraine tossed his neck at the glow, swaying his silk mane. The silver girl walked to him and placed her hands on his neck. Ezra would be good with a horse, she knew. The mare would stay at the stables and she would take care of her like her own. After the wild stallion began to graze in the growing twilight, Ever spun her way into her mates arms, pulling them around her safetly.

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