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Ezra watched his mate attempt to light a fire with bemusement. Ever really was hopeless, but at least she had more of an idea than Ezra did. Eventually she got it, and soon wrapped herself in his arms again. No matter the situation, the hybrid always felt better with his girl nice and close by. This was no different. For the sake of comfort, the boy pulled her down to the ground so he could sit around her. His great big arms were wrapped around her, tiny frame in front of his. The fire illuminated her perfect face. The man sighed happily, landing his maw on his mate’s right shoulder.

He loved moments like this. No one was there to bother them, they had only the stars and Saphraine for company, and even the horse seemed to understand the lovers wanted time alone. “I wonder what she’ll look like,” Ezra mused quietly, imagining his new horse. She would be beautiful, and powerful, and an animal Ezra could bond with. An animal Ever and the man could both love and care for equally, and a mate for Saphraine as well. This mare would complete their odd little family.

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