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  1. Borders: Open
  2. Species: Luperci dominant but all are welcome.
General Information

  1. Founded: October 22, 2011 by Jazper Rhiannon-Knight and Anann Kelevra
  2. Current Leadership: Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, and Alyssum de Fonte
  3. Colours: Slate Grey (#98AFC7) & Dark Orchid (#571B7e)
  4. Theme Song: Not chosen as of yet, Artisit Name
  5. Territory: Casa is located in the northeastern half of Whisper Beach where all members reside within Fort Kingsbury. The fort was once walled off and gated from rest of the decaying settlements, providing excellent fortifications. Inside, Kingsbury nature has remained undisturbed. The territory has a few rich forests as well as fields full of various wildlife and flowers, as well as claim to part of the Bay of Fundy..
  6. Ranks: Activity based ranks lead by an equally powered Alpha Male and Female. There are several co-ranks to choose from for various occupations within the pack. As well as mentoring and ambassadorship which run separately from the co-rank system.
  7. History: Casa di Cavalieri was created out of a need for a central group of protectors after the Aniwayan/Crimson Dreams/Cour des Miracles war. The original founders believed that by creating a pack focused on the training of fighters they could deter, as well as greatly increase the reaction time of packs to similar, future threats.
  8. Social Structure: Mutual respect among members expected, as everyone is to work as a unit. Although the pack is mostly made out of warriors there are many different jobs and everyone is given the same value. Family is just as equally important to the Cavalierites and great care is taken in cultivating the young into prosperous members.
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