so many lost when the west was won.

sorry for the wait on this one guys, I like prompt threads too. I would have brought cotl meanie butt but Valkyrie is awkward and funny so I thought she'd work out just fine :] +3

She was still getting used to Freya, even though the horse was pretty docile, Valkyrie never really had that great of a time with horses. She loved that Sven was nice enough to give her the mare, sure it was great, but it was another responsibility on her lap. She not only had to provide for herself and Hextor, but now Freya and her siblings. Er, half siblings. Still she had a lot on her plate right now, and she was starting to get slightly stressed out. She needed to get out more and to socialize more. Talking to people and learning things would be good for her. She thought so at least. Today she had taken to riding dear Freya, though she did not have very much else with her, for she only had small bags to hold smaller things. She needed more supplies rather than books though, and she needed to get prepared for the winter that was to come soon upon them. A trip to Halifax would be required soon.

Along the small items that she did carry around would be a spare rope that she kept slung across her chest for easy carrying while she rode the mare bareback, with her hands holding onto the one other rope she had that Sven had given to her with the mare. She still was slightly apprehensive about riding the horse since she had been on the ground for so long that she thought the motion of sitting on something and riding it still felt slightly awkward. She'd yet get the steed into a full out gallop yet, and she was actually pretty scared of it. She had moved her way away from the caves, the steed under her at a brisk trot before that scent of that little girl she met a few days prior and another one that she did not quite know. She was curious as to who the new scent was and what Symera was doing with the other girl so she had switched her route and gone towards the scents. Freya moved at a brisk trot again and her heavy hooves thundered on the ground as she trotted her way towards the other Infernians.

When she finally came upon the two, there was another mounted woman, along with an unmounted donkey and then little Symera, whom since learned to shift. It was a shock to her simply because she had met the child only a few days ago and already she was in her optime form. She probably would freak out when her siblings 'evolved'. She stared at the child for a moment, her eyes wide. What ya'll doin? she asked cocking her to the right before she looked at both the chocolate girl and the red nosed Lykoi. Ya' related ta' Kaena Lykoi? I'm Valkyrie de le Poer. she spoke, introducing herself to the new woman with the red nose stripe.

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