so many lost when the west was won.

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Symera Villisca
and the rat's in the cradle

Symera was destined to remain upon the smaller end of the spectrum simply because she was the runt of her litter. Rather than having been cast aside her mother had taken special care of her since she had been the only girl of the litter, at least the only live one. So because she was stunted at birth there was no hope for her to get any longer than what she was at. It really was no wonder that there would be surprise that she was able to shift since her size often led others to believe that she was younger than she actually was. But the physical developmental issue wasn't one that she allowed to restrain her in any way.

She was lucky as to have met both females that had showed up on this trip previously, both having been met during periods before she was able to shift. After all shifting was a recent task for her. Still she thought that she had accomplished it well. That she had gotten it under control easily enough. Even so she didn't attempt the change too often and was fine with remaining in her optime form as seemed to be the trend. So she didn't see the need to practice if she didn't plan on switching forms all that frequently.

Symera took the hand that was offered down to her and allowed for herself to be aided up upon the horse's back. It was strange to view the world from so high up but something that she figured that she could end up getting used to. From her perch atop the horse she reached down to gently run her fingers along the horse's side, anywhere that she could reach. It was a different feel from anything that she had ever felt before. Then again she was only used to canine pelts or rats as well as prey but not much experience with domesticated animals.

She didn't bother to answer Valkyrie's questions since she hadn't an answer to give. But she did at least give a wave to the other female. Even so Myrika had ended up providing an answer anyways. And well, that answer also answered Symera's unspoken inquiry. Now she knew what the woman was doing and where she was heading which is what Symera had been following to find out anyways. Still she didn't understand what good the sheep were, or even what sheep were, but she didn't speak on it since she figured that she would end up finding out once they had gotten there. And if not then, well, she would finally be forced to ask. Even so Symera was of the sort that liked to try and find out the answers herself through observation before she would resort to questioning. But when she had to she was the sort to get right to the point and didn't bother with silly questions. She didn't understand the point of silly questions when a direct one could get exactly what was wanted to be known aired.

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