so many lost when the west was won.

I suck really bad >.<'' not only am i late but this is short as fuuuuccck +3

The tawny woman with the red nose stripe had spoken to her about the sheep that were down along the river. She had seen the sheep before, but never thought about domesticating them because she simply would not know how to. Valkyrie nodded her head and the woman then introduced herself, and told Valk that she was another granddaughter of the woman. Made sense in a way, though she seemed to notice that there was more grandchildren then actual children, or at least she had not met too many daughters and sons of the woman, besides maybe Gabriel. She smiled at the woman though and Freya had shifted her weight under her, making the girl give a weird look to the horse's mane and her adjusting to where she was not uncomfortable. She was still new to all of this horse-back riding so she was still slightly clumsy about it.

I cans' halp ya', if ya' tell meh what'ta do.. the woman spoke to the new girl that she had met. She then looked to the tawny and chocolate colored child. Symera, ya' arr' able ta' shift now, congrats'. Does its feel awesome ta' be all Optime form an' stuff? she asked, wondering what the girl felt about shifting. She knew that when she was able to shift for the first time, there was little to no way she was going to shift back into her other two forms, and that reflected in the way she carried herself and acted. She had lost much of her natural luperci-like stance and now stood more like a human would. She looked awkward to the regular standing luperci to say the least, but she was an individual all the way around anyways, so being different was something she was so used to by now.

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