so many lost when the west was won.

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Symera Villisca
and the rat's in the cradle

Symera shifted a slight bit as she made herself comfortable. Or at least as comfortable as she could get from her perch as she was entirely unused to it. She didn't quite understand how the two older females were so at ease with this sort of thing. But that could also be because this quite likely wasn't their first time doing something like this either. So as she was questioned the small girl found herself shifting about again so that she could peer up at Myrika as she made to respond.

"It feels odd." And that was the only way that she could think to describe it. She wasn't certain exactly how to put into words just what she was feeling. She wasn't what she would call comfortable but she wouldn't exactly say that she was uncomfortable either. It was all just a strange and new sensation for her. Even so she trusted that nothing would be allowed to happen. Why would she be invited up only to have to something negative come to pass? She didn't imagine that Myrika would do something that would intentionally put her into harm's way.

"Thank you." The girl spoke politely as she turned her face so that she could dip her head appreciatively in Valkyrie's direction. "I am still getting used to it. Though I do like this form the best since stinky hunting should be easier." She admitted truthfully with her thoughts on the matter. Halo had donned this sort of form when they had gone out hunting so she hoped that it would also allow for her to participate more in such activities. Perhaps now she wouldn't be so limited in what she was able to do. After all it had been quite frustrating for her to not be a more active part of the hunt, having only been able to play the role of bait.

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