so many lost when the west was won.

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Myrika had told her that she would like it if Valkyrie did help, and that she would explain on the way. Valkyrie nodded her head and smiled at the pretty woman. 'kay she spoke and nudged Freya in the side to get her going again. Freya had started to move forward again, and Symera spoke again, telling Valkyrie that she enjoyed her optime form. Valkyrie smiled at her too and nodded her head. Mah two-legged form isa mah favorite as well. Issa very usefuls. spoke the accented woman, with her very fake accent that was not from any particular place that she had been to. She had thrown together her broken speech from her wolf friends when she was in that traveling group of gypsies.

When the donkey had come up to Freya, the Fjord steed pulled her ears back and she took a step back and snorted at the donkey, but this did not stop him from advancing. Valkyrie grew nervous and Freya took a few steps back and nickered quietly at the donkey. She was tense at the other equine but Valkyrie whispered at the horse, which made her ears flip forward. Valkyrie told the horse that the donkey seemed to be friendly, so the mare seemed to be less apprehensive. She bumped noses with the donkey and then stepped to the side and caught up with the other roan steed that Myrika and Symera were on.

Where did ya' obtain such uh interesting companion, Myrika? asked Valkyrie, referring to the donkey whom would follow them as they were moving on. Freya's stout form had walked along side the roan steed, and Valkyrie had looked at the other mare and found the steed to be rather attractive. She almost wished that she had a stallion so that they would be able to pair the steeds and get a beautiful foal out of them, but sadly both of the steeds were mares, and the only male that was around was the donkey. She didn't want a mule, so she would not even suggest that. Maybe there was some other stallion besides Ezekiel's stallion that was small enough for these two mares that the two girls owned. She thought about it and swore that she had seen another stallion around. That Imaginifer had a stallion didn't he?

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