so many lost when the west was won.


Myrika is by Kiri!

Symera shifted around in front of her, seeming to settle in. The hybrid grinned down at her with the response, and nodded. Just wait until we get moving -- it feels better then. I think, anyway, she said. With that, the horse began moving, taking a few paces forward. Farai followed, seemingly satisfied that he had a new friend. The donkey skipped ahead a few paces, tossing his head playfully as he passed Eira. The roan whinnied her approval of his antics, shaking her own head to and fro. Myrika grinned, twisting toward Valkyrie so she might better hear the question. One hand fell on Symera's shoulder to steady herself and prevent the smaller canine from falling out of the saddle, should anything unexpected occur.

My friend, Thamur. I don't know where Thamur obtained him, though. He seemed to have been all around the world, the coyote offered, rolling a shoulder in a shrug and offering a smile. Thamur was dead, true enough, but such thoughts didn't particular disturb Myrika. He'd been older to begin with, and while she'd loved him as a dear friend, things had gotten weird near the end. Myrika could guess as to why, but she shoved such thoughts away. There was work to do, and it was far more important than her dead friend and Farai's previous owner. The coyote smiled faintly, and turned back around in the saddle, pointing in the approximate direction of the Bass River.

There are a lot of sheep living over that way, she began, allowing her hand to drop back. The other hand still grasped Eira's reigns, though they were slack and lacking any sort of tension. Myrika need only put a little pressure on either side of the blue roan to direct her in a particular way. I was thinking we could round some of them up. I've got rope, and Farai can help us, she said, nodding toward the donkey as she spoke his name. He responded with a honk of what could have been laughter, still trotting a few feet in front of Eira. His tail swished as he walked, hooves clopping against the ground.

Sheep liked to serry together quite closely, and they followed one another. Separate a small pack from a larger herd, and Myrika and Valkyrie could easily guide the sheep all the way back to the D'Neville between the two of them. Symera wouldn't be a whole lot of help, but the russet Caelum didn't mind this too much. Sy would learn things on this venture, and that was important for a youngster. Sheep are funny -- they like to group up, so we shouldn't have much trouble. Farai will probably nab the stragglers, though I don't expect we'll get many. Sheep like to stick together like that, she explained. She knew this from her books -- sheep were as many herd animals, preferring the protection of strong numbers to individualized strength.

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