so many lost when the west was won.

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Symera Villisca
and the rat's in the cradle

The start of the horse's movement had Symera quickly leaning forward and gripping the horse's neck. She closed her eyes as she prepared to cling tightly for her life. It was quite obvious that she had never been on horseback before with how easily a slight movement caused her to be unsettled. It was something that would take a bit of getting used to. After all Symera wasn't looking forward to falling from his height. That really wouldn't be an enjoyable experience. Though slowly she began to relax that she wasn't falling despite the shifting of the horse.

As she felt the hand on her the small girl cracked open an eye only to see the ground below her. She wasn't certain how the other two could sit up without the threat of falling. But obviously they had experience where she did not. Perhaps over time she would be comfortable and confident enough to ride as they were. And if not? Well, she had no issues with walking wherever she needed to get to. It worked for Halo and so it could easily work for her as well.

She listened easily to what was being talked about but didn't really have anything to input. Though she did have a question at least. "What are the sheep needed for?" Clearly there had to be a purpose to end up going after them, correct? She didn't imagine that this would just be a fun little task or anything like that. At least she couldn't imagine that this would just be some game between the older women. Or maybe Symera, even though she was the youngest amongst them, was the only one that believed in doing things for a purpose rather than for fun and games as odd as that may sound. But perhaps Symera just contained an old soul was all.

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