Untested waters

Okay, finally get this started! back dated to Nov 19th after this thread with Liliya along the river. So sorry for the date on this. If the date needs adjusted let me know maybe something can be worked out one way or another :x

PP permissions from Nuki, for the slight pp of Liliya, who will leave upon the leaderships arrival ^^

Family had been one of the last things Anann had expected to find along the borders of the a pack that she knew so little about. Least of all Liliya, whom she had assumed to be in Russia and likely with her father. Instead Anann had learned that Liliya had returned and not only that, but also with her mother in tow. It was news she was excited to take back to her mate. Surely he would be happy to hear that some of his family had returned and from the sounds of what Liliya had said, they were doing well.

Still, Anann had more business yet to attend to, for Liliya had only been an unexpected surprised that had temporarily delayed her from her true purpose here. Once they had caught up on the recent whereabouts of what Russo’s were known to be in the area Anann had asked Liliya if she might call for her leaders, or at least one of them, so that she could make a proper introduction of herself and her pack to Salsola.

Since Liliya’s howl Rem had come to stand by the Luna near the river’s edge. Standing just as patiently his companion as they waited. Anann’s two sabre still strapped across her back and her wide leather belt resting loosely on her hips. Weighted to one side by the two satchels that hung by their draw strings. The marks at her wrists and ankles were easy to over look now that her winter pelt had started to come in, but the marks on her muzzle were not so easily hid. Still the amber and gold of her pelt was only thin now with no bare skin left to show. Of coarse, one could not forget the ever constant dagger that was strapped to her left thigh. It’s presences nearly hidden by her thick winter pelt.

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