Untested waters

lol, thats okay, Nuki didn’t realize Anann was mated to Anatoliy until we started threading, so your not alone! xD

Annd since Ive been such a slow git, Ill just get straight point, if you don’t mind.

Naturally Anann had expected it would take some time for someone to answer Liliya’s call. She had no way of knowing how close, or far, the leadership she sought audience with might be from the borders. She was thankful she had Liliya for company. It was certainly better than waiting along the borders on her own and the small talk helped the time pass rather quickly. So it hadn’t seemed all that long at all when they spotted the sable woman approaching. Anann gave Liliya a glance to confirm that the woman was indeed who they had been waiting for before giving the Auxiliary her full attention.

It was bright pink hue of healing flesh at the black femme’s wrists that first caught Anann’s eye as she gave her fellow leader a once over. She found the marks to be rather odd. For they appeared quite intentional rather than the result of injury. A fact that became much more obvious as Anann began to notice other the marks of scarification mingled within ebony fur.

The Anann remained silent as she allowed Liliya to make introductions. ”It is my pleasure to meet you, Eris.” Anann greeted the other with a respectful bow of her head. ”I came to spread word of my pack and to present you with a token of our goodwill.” Anann then reached for the larger of the two satchels that were fastened at her waist and untied the drawstrings from her belt. Opening the leather pouch, she pulled out the spotting scope she had salvaged from Keese belongs before she had burnt the rest. It was a far too valuable thing to let go to such waste.

Anann presented the gift to Eris, laid out across both her palms on top of satchel she had carried it in. ”This human artifact will let you see over vast distances. Over land and sea. I’m sure I need not explain the advantages of that.” She said with a slight grin. In truth it was hard to let it ago. It’s condition was near perfect and to find such a fine optic intact was rare. Still, Anann knew that an effort needed to be made in these first contacts. The very intent of her pack was build a fighting force and it would be only natural for the rest of the packs to perceive that as a threat. They would have to prove peace as their goal and what better to start than to give the paranoid a way to see you coming.

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