Untested waters

Duuuude, no problem. <3 Eris is all souped. >Big Grin Thanks again, is awesome gift! >:3

Eris is by Alaine!

The raven Auxiliary peered upon her Family member as the coywolf explained Anann's origins and gave the customary introduction of one not seeking to join Salsola -- Anann was a friend of Liliya's, and not a friend of ours. The dark woman noted this critical difference in introduction, but made no outward indication of the importance of these words, instead offering a slight nod of her head at the cessation of the woman's lovely Russian tones. Eris had no way of knowing Anann's closeness with Liliya's family, of course -- such pleasantries were spared, and instead, Liliya gave the more formal introduction of Anann as a leader of Casa di Cavalieri, a strange name that rolled like spiced smoke on Liliya's foreign tongue.

Eris's countenance had changed upon that introduction, taking on a brighter hue. She was always glad to meet with the leaders of other packs -- this was a different matter entirely than some peon of Anathema or Ichika no Ho-en seeking their borders. This was an alpha of a foreign entity, and an emissary of the highest echelons, then. The dark woman's pearly teeth showed in a broad smile, and she received Anann's pleasantries with a bow of her own, although not quite so much as the chestnut-haired woman had offered the Auxiliary. Eris was, after all, on her own territory; alpha or not, Anann was still a foreigner on Eris's homeland.

The larger female seemed intent on making her purpose quickly, an act which the dark-hued woman appreciated greatly. She disliked dawdling around the point of things and preferred to seek the heart of the matter quickly, if lies and deception proved unnecessary -- such as this encounter seemed to be. The sable woman watched curiously as the tawny woman removed a spindly-looking thing, black in coloration and with a faint sheen to its body. The coyote stepped forward in interest, having no idea what the present was but intrigued all the same, and listened with growing fascination as the woman explained the capabilities of such a device. Eris, simpleton she was, had never heard of such a thing before, and her grin grew broader and downright greedy with the revelation if the item's power.

How lovely! she exclaimed, somehow moving with perfect dignity to take the item from the outstretched palms. She wanted to snatch it up and run away with it, climb some roof or tree, and look into it all day long, but she contained that urge skillfully, stifling the inner beast/child lurking somewhere within herself with practiced ease. She held the item up to examine it more closely, and looked into the correct end by complete happenstance. Oh! she again said, surprised at the item's capability. It tunes the eye to eagle sharpness, she declared, still peering off into the distance with the object.

A moment later, the coyote tore her eye from the spyglass and turned her gaze back to Anann, excited grin upon her muzzle. Truly, truly a lovely gift befitting Salsola's needs and purpose, the coyote said, tilting forward in a bow far more pronounced than her previous one had been. Thank you -- this is a gift Salsola will not forget -- in due time, your Casa di Cavalieri will be handsomely repaid. I will see to it, the woman promised, meaning every word of it. Of course, one's perceptions and promises change with time, and as this was no binding agreement, the dark-hued woman might forget the magnitude of Anann and Casa di Cavalieri's kindnesses.

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