Untested waters

The Salsolian leader had seemed mildly annoyed at having been disturbed when she had first arrived, with little more than an adequate show of politeness for what had been an unknown visitor. The sable woman’s demeanor changed as introductions were made and Anann was glad to see Eris found her presence to be worth the time and effort of her journey to the borders. It was all to be expected as Anann had come without prior announcement and so why would she have been expected.

Eris graciously took to the offering Anann presented on her own palms. A broad smile on her cream and caramel features as Eris exclaimed her delight. It was almost magical how the lens could bring such far away objects into such sharp focus. It truly was as close as they might come to seeing with an eagle's eye. A description for the device that Anann wished she had thought of herself. "I am pleased to know I chose my gift well. I would hate to see such a thing go to waste. Although, it was not given without good reason." No, it had been a calculated decision and it was yet to be seen if it had been made in vain.

The intent of my pack is to help maintain peace between the packs and to provide a safe haven for those that seek it. However, with so many warrior's in our ranks I know that many may see us a threat despite our intentions. With that spy glass I hope to help prove such intentions." Why else would she give Salsola the very means to see her own troops coming over land or across the bay? Anann knew she was asking a lot already and the promise of repayment was not something Anann would hold the Auxiliary to.

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