Untested waters


Eris is by Kiri!

Nothing endeared a canine to Eris quite so much as a gift, though she was not so gullible as to throw all caution to the wind at a single offering. Though this gift was a rarity and perfectly chosen for Salsola, it did not mean Casa di Cavalieri was to be regarded as a non-issue. They were far enough south that Eris did not consider them much of a threat -- the Cavalierians would need to travel around Inferni to reach Salsola, and hopefully, Sirius's work with the new leader of Inferni proved fruitful, and Salsola would receive early warning of any southern pack making moves toward their borders. Still, Eris thought all this unnecessary in the first place -- if Salsola gave no cause for trouble, why should they expect any?

The coyote considered her companion's words with a sharp ear, her smile knowing. She took the other woman's meaning -- Anann's scars spoke well enough of the pack's intent, and she did not think they were a truly war-like clan, in any case. We perceive no threat where there is none, she said, her voice coated with cloying sweetness. We do not seek to make any, either -- like you, we carve our existence in this small corner of the world, and make no trouble for others doing the same. From one leader to another: in your quest to provide a safe haven -- do take care! Her warning was provided with the same jesting smile, though it was delivered truthfully, as something Eris did earnestly believe. Some seeking refuge may be too weak to hold their own, and it would do you good to avoid completely filling your ranks with such canines. Weakness breeds weakness, she thought, thinking this canine before her was an example of strength -- whether her pack was remained to be seen.

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