Untested waters

Anann gave a simple nod of understanding at Eris wordsand finding some comfort in them. It was reassuring that the ebon femme seemed to understand the Cavalierites position. The distance between the two packs obviously made Casa less of perceivable threat than they might seem to those far closer to their own borders. Still it was a concern what the other packs would think of the news and what opinions they might form before Casa di Cavalieri even had a chance to prove their peaceful intentions. "I am glad to hear it. While we aren't mercenaries, but we are willing to offer several services, ranging from escorts to defensive training, should you or any you know ever have need for such a thing."

Anann really didn't expect that Salsola would take much interest in their services. Like Eris had said, they tended to stick to their own lands. A claim Anann could not refute, as she had found it difficult to learn much at all about the pack before coming here. "I must say, I had a hard time learning much of any value of this place before today." But why? She wondered. Perhaps it was as simple as they simply enjoyed their privacy and truly wished to be left alone. After all there were all types in the world, but Anann couldn't help but feel it hinted to something deeper. Were they hiding something, or just paranoid? Whatever it was Anann could not shake the reminiscent feeling that she was talking to the likes of the members of the Tosawi council. Where kind words and friendly smiles masked the far more nefarious game.

Anann gave a kind smile to the words of warning that Eris issued, along with a slight nod of her. "Wise advice and I thank you for your concern." And a valid concern it was. It was true they had many able bodied members, several of great size, but many lacked proper training or experience. As of yet, they were not quite the band of warriors they claimed to be, but they were far from defenseless at least. The pack was young yet and Anann felt confident that in time their ranks would fill in.

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