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Information was valuable, but the dark-hued woman did not think she was providing so extravagant a gift of it where this tidbit was concerned. Weakness breeding weakness was a given, and perhaps something the tall female had discovered earlier in life, in her travels irrelevant to leadership. The dark-hued woman was not so mannerless as to consider her advice any sort of boon, though she did accept the chestnut-furred woman's thanks with a gracious inclination of her head and a toothy smile.

Salsola does like to keep its own, but -- we do see the value of trade. Perhaps if we have warriors in need of sharpening skills -- or blades, perhaps? -- we can send them south. Thank you, the woman returned, grinning. Trade is our secondary interest, the woman added, shrugging. Salsola had no specialty -- their rituals were their own business, as were their slaves. They did not seek to trade their Luperci labor, and kept it hidden within the pack. Keeping our own secure and sound is our first priority. You might see how these conflict, at times, the hybrid added, a hint of sadness to her voice. She no longer thought of Casa di Cavalieri as entirely tramontane -- they had certainly shown some delicacy and good judgment in selecting their gift for Salsola -- but they were not to be trusted openly, of course.

She was not so foolish as to trust immediately, either, and it was unlikely she'd send Basilaris to the southern pack when he was of age to shift -- but a low-ranking canine of Salsola, aspiring to combat greatness? Perhaps. The coyote rolled it in her head, squirreling the information away to share with Sirius later. As for what trade -- well, we have a great lot of plants of varied uses, and livestock. Some of us are not averse to trading hard labor. The coyote added this as an afterthought, as if speaking of some low-ranking, unskilled Salsolians. This was a version of the truth, after all -- what else were slaves?

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