Untested waters

Anann had
been hoping for nothing more than a simple meet and greet with the leadership of Salsola, but as talked turned towards trade it seemed that perhaps there was the opportunity for more. Though it was doubtful that any concrete arrangement
might come from this day, but more possibilities were certainly opening as conversation continued. "Oh yes. You would be more than welcome to send someone to us for training and I am sure there are several amongst us that could tend to a blade should you
need that as well."
 Anann was skilled enough with a whet stone and she suspected that Jazper would be as well given the collection of weaponry the dark Knight had accumulated.

It was only natural that taking care of one's own should come as first priority. Members should expect nothing less from their leaders, but it was also only natural that it would come into conflict with other interests as
well. "I think that is a balance that most wish to find." In Tosawi external and internal affairs had been handled quite separately from one another. Often without giving thought to the other at all.  

Amber ears perked with interest as Eris brought to mention their various means of trade. The plants and livestock both interested her, though there was little of either that they needed at this point time. Once winter had
passed, however, that story would change. "I see, do you grow any grains or hay in surplus of your own needs? We have several horses and I am not confident that our current stores would get us through the winter. If you had anything you could spare, perhaps
an arrangement could be made?"
 It would be sometime yet before they would need to acquire more feed, but would certainly put her mind at ease if arrangements could be made before they were in dire need.  "As it is we are still
settling in as a pack. Perhaps in the spring I can return and see if there is anything you might have to offer that would interest us?"

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