Untested waters


The coal-furred Auxiliary nodded as the other spoke of training and blades. There was something to be learned from this, Eris thought -- Casa di Cavalieri, provided its numbers were strong and their leader's bold talk truthful, was not a force they would soon cross. Not that Salsola sought to make problems with other packs -- as Eris hoped she made clear to this tall lady, Salsola kept to its own and fully expected the same courtesy from other packs. I'll certainly keep it in mind, and propose such arrangements with my liege, the coyote said, choosing an archaic term in place of Boss. Anann needn't any more specifics regarding Salsola than Eris deemed absolutely necessary.

The hybrid offered a gracious smile and a faint nod at the woman's compliment. Salsola did strike to seek that perfect balance between isolation and ostracization: they did not wished to be viewed as pariahs by the other packs, monsters with no use and no hearts, but neither did they wish to become overly friendly with any neighboring canines. Such relationships could easily lead to outside allegiances and alliances, and Salsola wished for none of this -- they kept their own, and sought to provide an environment conducive to longevity within their ranks.

Her interest piqued as the scarred woman spoke of grain sources and surpluses. In truth, the dark hybrid could not begin to give an accurate number on how well-prepared they were for winter, but she knew someone who could -- if Larkspur, the Ganadero, and their daughter Salvia could not provide an accurate estimate of their storage, no one could. I will need to see our livestock tender -- he would know best of all whether we have any to spare. There was contemplation across her features, and she tilted her head, considering. This is good. We may send someone south with such things before you have to come all the way back up this way, she said, suggesting this with an indication the suggestion could still be refused, if it was not to Anann's tastes.

Eris is by Alaine!

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