Untested waters

Anann gave a bright smile and a nod, but said nothing more about the service Casa might be able to offer. There was no need to press the issue any further for Eris had said she would keep it in mind as that was the most Anann could hope for. After all these first meeting were generally nothing more than a testing of the waters to see if there was potential for any future dealings.

It was trade between the two packs though, that was beginning to sound the most promising. Something would be made even easier if the Salsolian’s had a dock along their coast that Anatoliy to dock his boat at. Traveling across the bay would be far more simple and easier for all involved that making the journey around Inferni’s territory.

Anann gave an understand nod as Eris explained that she would have to speak with someone that knew a little more about their own stores. ”A most generous offer, thank you.” Anann said, rather surprised when Eris offered to have one of her own to deliver some rations should they have any to spare.

”It has been a pleasure, Eris, but I do not wish to keep you from your duties.” Anann said with a pleasant smile. In truth the amber woman was quite satisfied with the day’s outcome. She had not known what to expect at first and admittedly that had been some unexpected surprised, but Anann felt there was the potential for beneficial relationship with Salsola. Caution would be necissary, for there was the nagging feeling that there was more going on behind closed doors than Eris would ever admit to. A gut feeling that reminded Anann all too much of Tosawi.

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