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Salsola was not averse to trade with other packs. It had been disconcerting to receive one at her borders, certainly, but she had never expected her pack's existence to remain a secret forever. Perhaps if they had become nomads rather than settling in a particular space, they might retain some air of secrecy, as there truly was no one place any canine of the realm could call upon them, but this was a thought far too late in coming. She would not relinquish her ruins and her lovely territory; the canines of Salsola had spent far too long working to better their claim.

The coyote grinned broadly with the taller female's acceptance of her offer, and inclined her head, her grin becoming more pleasant and less sleazy with the woman's offer of departure. This was a comfort to the dark-hued woman -- though she adored this gift, the hybrid had no notion of entertaining longer than necessary, and it was good to see the other canine depart of her own volition. The experience had been positive, and Eris did not intend to slight the southern pack -- though, of course, her perceptions of repayment might differ from those of the Casa di Cavalieri pack.

And yourself, the hybrid said, still smiling. I thank you again, and look forward to making good on my end. She did not feel indebted to the pack -- a gift was a gift, after all, and a gift did not require repayment -- but neither did she wish to stir poor feelings by a lack of reciprocation, either. Still, all this must be discussed with Sirius, and such discussions were her intent upon leaving the territory of the flexuous Pictou River. Do take care, the coyote said, awaiting Anann's departure before she made her own.

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