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drama tiimmee

Why? Why was she always punished for things she couldn't control, couldn't keep track of. Why? Her sapphires took in the broken window, the blood on the snow and it reminded her so much of herself. There had been so much violence within her life but then it had gotten calm when she had come to AniWaya, she had known peace and serenity outside of the mauling paws of those ones that hurt her only now.. now it was coming back again. It was building not within herself but within Matteo. The way he looked at her sometimes it was like when they had been enemies back in Anathema. Sometimes she caught him muttering words to himself, vile, unneeded words. Didn't she have enough of them carved into her body? The woman had been reduced to a nervous twitching shell again, and once more the bones of her body began to push out underneath her skin from a lack of food and proper care.

Why was he doing this? They had been happy, they were happy.. at least she thought he had been happy. Maybe not. Heat clawed its way up her throat and she whimpered, pulling on her ears with her hands until blood welled up and stained her fur. The pain was dull as though a far away feeling. She could make this right, right? It wasn't so broken that it was ruined. It wasn't like her. Gathering herself up the woman pulled herself to her feet, not even noticing the fall to her knees in the first place and followed the blood, the trail of coybrid smell. It didn't take her long to find him, it was taking a while but she was slowly becoming familiar with Aniwaya's territory. She was near a man she didn't know, he was on all fours. This wasn't strange to Gemma who often took to her four legged forms when she felt threatened or scared.

Her voice shook unmercifully, and so all her fear, her quiet pathetic flinching tones, were clear to hear,

"Teo?" The woman struck a sad sight stood there, trembling slightly with her ears flush against her head and tail as low as it could go. The abused and cowed look of her had increased in recent days.

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