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There was a pale flash of pink against white, and here he knew that there would be blood. Anatole’s ears pinned against his head as the coyote lunged. He had been in fights before and knew the way to approach such things—he rushed in low, his bulky body made for combat. With his head low, there was no way the airborne coyote could even come close to his throat. In contrast, however, he was given the advantage of reacting. With a single burst of speed he snapped for the approaching leg; if he could break the coyote’s bone (as he knew himself capable of; their bones were not half as strong as moose) then this fight would be over.

They collided and he felt teeth scrape against the thick plush of his neck. His fur was too winter-heavy for it to pierce skin, and there was no way he would slow to allow the coyote to grasp him. His own teeth flashed, snapping wildly for the leg and the exposed throat.

Suddenly, someone grappled at his hackles. Anatole roared and ripped free, his weight alone enough to break the hold. He staggered backwards quickly, fur bristled and eyes blazing. Though he recognized and understood the command, his body urged him to continue. It was the new idea that two wolves instead of one that caused him to pause. His feet paces, steadfast and agitated, ready for the coyote to break through. A low rumbling growl reverberated yet from his body. “He’s mad!” the wolf snarled.

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