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short post because im holding everything up.

Her ears throbbed painfully but still her clawed fingers did not let the large appendages go nor did she move from her fetal position, oblivious to the world around herself for the most part with her mind focused only on her internal demons and the terror that swept her fragile form. Shivers that had nothing to do with the cold and everything to do with the monsters in her subconscious wracked her body. And when the man, Light touched her body, the girl seized up as though caught within a death grip before a frightened cry left her muzzle and she somehow flung herself away from him, rolling for several feet within the icy snow, pitiful sobs coming from her heaving chest in shallow breaths.

At that moment a guide from the spirits faded into the mortal world, the magnificent white buffalo observed the scene of the three males with an angry gleam to his eyes. Wolves.. always fighting like barbarians, scaring his student. He snorted and a torrent of warm air misted into the chilly morning. His horned head, of which even these bony spikes were purest of white, tossed irritably and his form swung away from them, blocking the view of Gemma with his body and turning his back to them he refocused his attention upon the damaged ivory girl and spoke in a voice only she could hear,

"Child.. calm yourself. No harm is here for you." Still shivering and whimpering the girl at least managed to cease her loud dry eyed sobbing although she could not reduce the harshness of her breaths and the high pitched whines that now took the place of sobbing. He could not offer her much in the way of comfort for her inner demons were her own to face but at least she had been drawn from her cracked and jagged mind to interact with the real world again. Taima Waki was rough looking on the outside with a sharp mind and sharper tongue but on the inside he was as soft as the crisp white flakes that fell from the sky, especially when it came to individuals as broken as the woman now under his guidance.

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