i'm not gonna listen to what the past says
I want to jump in to this thread with Matteo & co once the fight ends, so I am writing this with the assumption that Claudius knows that Teo and Anatole got into a fight.

[/html]Taking stock of his inventory in the winter was a difficult thing to do. His paper was a little wet from when some snow had blown in to his den. Since he didn't know how to make his own paper, he had lost his last few sheets of blank paper he'd scavenged a few years ago. Aside from his loss of paper, his collection of plants and berries was doing well. He had been reading through a few books on pottery-making and was planning on making his own pots and jars to store more plants and items in the spring. He knew that if he wanted to improve his skills, he would definitely have to do more in way of collection. The winter was a bad time for dyeing, so he had taken up whittling. Although he tried not to dwell on Dawali, whittling always made him think of the older wolf. He still missed him terribly.

Claudius sighed and set down his whittling knife. As he looked around his den, he realized he'd gotten halfway through counting his inventory before stopping. Unfortunately, since he couldn't really do much in the winter, he'd gotten bored and started to fiddle with things he had lying around his cave. He had a few pieces of wood he had intended to use for a fire, but began carving them. He had a rough outline of a bird, but he was nowhere near finished.

He picked up his whittling knife and continued to carve. Again, his thoughts wandered to the events of a few days prior. He didn't want to dwell on it since thinking about what Matteo did just made him angry. He had been lied to. [html]

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