i'm not gonna listen to what the past says
Okay, I'll keep his knowledge super vague! He'll know Matteo did something against Anatole and will just be angry that Matteo started a fight between a fellow tribemember.

Edit: I was thinking it would probably be tough to add in craftsman stuff to this thread, so don't worry about that! c; It can just be about Anatole's fight and catching up/ whatever works!

[/html]His cousin’s shout startled Claudius out of his reverie. He jerked his hand suddenly, which caused the knife to jump and skip across the wood and lodged itself in the palm of his hand. Claudius bit back a cry and let out a high squeak. It was mostly the compounded shock that hurt. He let out a strangled bark in reply as he examined his palm. The knife had not cut too deeply and he could see that it was just a small scrape. He quickly set the knife aside and straightened up. He slouched toward the door and pulled back the deerskin door, which revealed a visibly angry wolf. Claudius resisted the urge to flinch and instead beckoned his cousin inside with his wounded hand.

Claudius was glad to see his cousin but he was also upset to know that Matteo had attacked a fellow tribemember. Claudius felt betrayed and he was certain that Anatole, who was more in touch with his canine instincts. Every time Anatole spoke or did anything, Claudius was acutely aware of how present he was and how very much he existed. Although it had intimidated Claudius when he was younger without knowing why, now that Claudius recognized it, he respected his cousin. That didn't mean he still didn't find him to be a bit intimidating though.

"Anatole," he replied quietly. "What... happened...? Tell me everything." As he spoke, he moved to find a bowl of water to wash his hand and then bandage it with some dried plantain leaves. [html]

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