i'm not gonna listen to what the past says

(343) Maybe when he comes back? :O

Both ears rose sharply at the cry, and Anatole took one tentative step forward. He was swiftly met by his pale cousin; how much like Tayui the boy looked. Often Anatole wondered about Claudius (and his siblings) father. Like his own, this was somewhat of a mystery. His mother had never told him anything, though he did not understand this was because of her own ignorance. As it stood, he was only certain that his father had been the dark one. Living north had proved few wolves were as dark as his own pelt, which had made him somewhat of an oddity amongst them.

They were so similar but yet so foreign to one another. Claudius seemed more settled into this place, into his ways, into the role of submission and rank. Despite his own lower position, Anatole could not grasp that he was required to bow to those apprentices around him. Yet there was a sickness and a disease within the coyote that his instincts wanted to eradicate.

The wolf slipped after his cousin, position himself so that he was close to the door. He was unused to buildings and did not like the idea of being closed in. A den was one thing; a den was small and no threat could come in to it then. Green eyes flicked to the entrance and then back to motions that Claudius was going through. “I don’t know,” he began, his voice slowing as he ran through the details. “He had blood on him; then the woman showed up. She looked…” Anatole looked up to Claudius sharply, a fierce light burning in his neon colored eyes. “She looked afraid of him. What woman would fear her mate? It’s unnatural.” He did not speak aloud the fear of abuse; it was not his place to do so.

“I told him to back off…then he just came at me. If that other man hadn’t been there I would have killed him,” the dark wolf rumbled, fur bristling along his spine. “He’s not right, Claudius. He’s not.”

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