i'm not gonna listen to what the past says
[/html] Remembering that he had intended to bandage his hands, Claudius picked up his bowl of dried plantain leaves. He realized he had forgotten his pestle and he set the bowl back down by the fire once more. He listeened attentively to his cousin as he explained his thoughts, pausing every so often to nod or focus on the words. When Anatole said that Matteo had had bad feelings about the pack leaders, Claudius paused.

"About... our tribe or his... old pack?" he asked. "And talking to... himself... as.. in... he thought... some-o-one was... there?" he asked with a shiver. Matteo hadn't gotten his spirit guide at that point, so Claudius didn't think it was that. But if Matteo was imaginining wolves that didn't exist, that could indicate very deep psychological problems. Claudius didn't want to jump to conclusions, so he kept his mind open for the possibility of a ghost or otherwordly being they couldn't see. After all, his mother had seen ghosts and Claudius believed it to be true even though he had never seen one himself.

As for the bit about Gemma, well... he would have to inquire further about that. [html]

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