the inner beast

Word Count ::374 Points::3 OOC::A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go. Smile

Mido sat on the cold bare floor of his den with his legs crossed and hands clasped together behind his back. Earlier he had lit four candles and placed them in the corners of his dwelling, he meditated trying to instill the feeling vulnerability as he retreated into his mind. He remained directly in the spot he had been, for how long he didn’t know. His focus was cut by a bellowing call from a familiar individual that trickled through the cave system. She was the Oriax now, but a call from Aeron left him confused and curious to say the least. Leaning his weight over the center of his body he stood with no assistance from his hands. He briskly made his way out of his den, down the hall and toward the caves entrance. He stopped just inside the caves entrance; Mido couldn’t recall ever seeing the lithe golden coyote in any form other than Optime. Following suite he shifted into Secui, the form he spent little to no time in. The change for the Dasa was long and painful, he could feel his body rearrange itself as he fell into the four legged form and cringe at the burn. The mutt was denser in this form, his paws were massive and his fur flared around his neck, shoulders and hind.

The shift was complete just in time to hear the male introduce himself to Aeron who strongly outranked him and to see another female approach the two. How many white wolves does this pack need? He could feel an attitude on the male Zepar, but he wasn’t sure what the reason for it was. The way he handled himself with the next highest ranking Anatheman member other than Alaki was inappropriate. He wondered if he should say something, but figured if she wanted she would put him in his place. The multicolored mix stopped by the ex-assassins side. Hey there. Smiling he greeted two of Anathema’s recent additions before turning his attention to Aeron. Whats the occasion Aeron? He asked her looking at her form unfamiliar to him. He could be respectful, but he physically had to force his tail a down a bit, it was just unnatural to his body.

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