some girls wander by mistake

Dated for 6th March. Fort Cumberland.

The sun was already halfway risen, and as always, she found the lack of trees disturbing. There were buildings around, at least, however worn and dirty and falling apart they were. There were treacherous dips in the hills and trenches lined with jagged stone, and it was clear that the humans of days passed had intended the place a fortress. On four dainty feet, Cassandra made her way carefully towards the fort proper, her grey cloak wrapped around her shoulders and trailing some distance behind her. It was not the best way to go about it, and she didn't have as many options now that her horse was gone.

Here and there, there were still patches of stubborn snow on the ground. Grey grass and bits of white matched her well, but the snow reflected the sun back into her eyes if she looked at it from the wrong angle. She scowled to herself; spring could not come soon enough.

The nearest building was small, as was her preference, with a single entrance and windows that were too small and too high to see through -- they were only there to let in light. The particular area was not too saturated with the recent scents of specific others, though the overall area, ever since she'd come around the mountain, was clearly populated. There were wolves and coyotes and dogs and mutts of all kinds for miles, for days' walks -- the wilderness was becoming rarer as their kind continued to multiply. She had been surrounded for days already.


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