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Draugr is by me!

The garden was a familiar place for Draugr. She had arrived too late in the fall to truly experience the magic of planting and watching the flowers bloom, but with the coming of spring, the dark-hued woman was spending more time in the little place, rooting around through the plants. She did could not yet identify many of them, but she knew enough to move through the rows of new greenery, bending down now and again to pull a tiny shoot of green from the earth. Weeds -- these were not wanted in their garden.

The silvery-tinged woman stopped at the end of one of the planted rows and stretched, smiling as she breathed deeply the sweet scents of blossoming plants. These were things she still did not fully understand, but she was able to enjoy them nonetheless -- much like Salsola. Though the finer points of her pack's lifestyle and culture still seemed to elude her, and she still felt very much a stranger, the dark-furred woman loved her home all the same. It was hers, after all.

Pale purple eyes meandered to the river, and Dra studied its flow a moment before she went for a bucket, intending to bring water to the newborn plant life.

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