[p] your roots will rot away
short >.< / +yo numbah!

Odessa was pleased by Draugr's eagerness to learn, and not at all put off by her childish excitement, because of of course there were times when Odessa was like that even now. When Imhotep asked her to be his mate, the night after making Confidant, when her clinic plans were permitted to begin. Oh, how wonderful those times had been. And she was lucky she had those warmth filled moments to brighten up this most gloomy time. 'Well, you're most welcome' the gardener smiled brightly, and she was also glad that Dra had asked her to teach her. Because it gave her something to focus on, someone to speak to, and perhaps more repute among the rest of the Confidants. While she didn't specifically aspire to reach higher in the ranks, it would be nice to sit high up she supposed. But there was that doubt, would she need to be tougher to get any higher? Now that was something she'd struggle with. Not only would she fail miserably at aggression, she probably look daft attempting it.

'It'll be better in the summer of course, but...' Odessa said, kneeling down and surveying part of the bed. 'There are some hardy herbs around here'. Pumpkin eyes dance over the soil and greenery before the medic let out a triumphant 'ah' sound. 'Here' she said proudly, lifting a green stalk up to Draugr. 'This is a good one. Thyme' she positioned herself to sit more comfortable. 'It's a medicinal herb, helps relieve coughs and colds'. Odessa pulled of a small leaf and chewed it quietly, 'It's quite hardy too'.

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