the streets have opened my eyes to see

flesh is burning you can smell it in the air
cause men like you have such an easy soul to steal

Word Count → 458 :: tl;dr just walking down the street with his bag and his cat :|

Decades ago this place was bustling full of cars rumbling on the streets and pedestrians walking briskly on the sidewalks, and the street lamps like trees gleamed and lit the way. Few, of course, could remember that now, when the world’s machines were quiet and the humans were gone. Some luperci might theorize about the vehicles driving past, while a wolf more set on survival would see them as the empty husks that they were: lined up and dented and dusty like they were when the world stopped.

The streets were barren of life, other than the telltale movement in the alleys where rats skittered. The moon illuminated the city, and the single canine striding down the streets regarded the waning orb thoughtfully. On his way from the north to explore the city, he had met with two of the five supposed northern packs (with Ichika no Ho-en mysteriously absent and Inferni avoided). There was but one more to search, but he would travel south from the city and meet with the supposedly weak southern wolves first.

Think any of them would like this? Levent asked, pausing to take a seat on a car hood and pull the case from his satchel. He flipped it open and smiled at the pistol within. Touching it, he amended his question. Think any of them would think it’d work?

Wilson snorted. He’d recovered from meeting the other cat in the city, back to his cynical self. The whole world isn’t full of gits, he cautioned. He leaped onto the hood beside him, curling his tail around his small paws. Can’t we live here? he asked after a few moments of silence. Not much nosh, but we can go out hunting in the woods, and the buildings are cozy enough. Might be able to get forty winks in one of these if we have to. He tapped the windshield with his tail and glanced at the canine.

The Turkish man smiled gently at him, and the feline looked away as he recognized the look. I won’t find what I’m looking for here, Levent said simply before closing the case, stuffing it back in among the tangled jewelry and books. He would need a proper place to keep his things, something with more room he didn’t have to lug around with him all the time, but until he did find a permanent home he wouldn’t risk it. Any fool could break into a window and steal his things, his living, while fewer dared to snatch something from pack lands.

We can find somewhere to rest, though—bigger than this araba, he said, standing and beginning to walk down the pavement again. I saw one of those long ones on another block. More room.

so stand in line while they ink numbers in your head

you're a slave until the end of time here

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