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I'll let it show that I'm not always hiding

Come all the way down and watch me burn

I won't let it show that I'm not always flying

So on the way down, I'll watch you burn

The girl had not spoken of wolves.

André drew his head up as the stench caught in his nostrils, strong and feral. He could be scent-blind and not miss the signs. His hackles lifted, and the dragon tattoo squirmed as his muscles shifted, each step bringing him closer to these markers along the row of trees. This was the first territory that he’d come across entering the region, other than the whispers of packs that seemed to be forming in the expansive west.

Dumb bitch, the jackayote thought venomously, his hands clenching into fists. That a wolf pack was so strong in this region was a detail he did not appreciate being left out. It made him nervous—no, nervousness was for the weak. He was on edge and angry, and his perception of this region shifted from its tunnel-vision of purpose, expanding to incorporate all the monstrosities that lived here. An entire pack of them, beastly creatures without honor. One had caused enough destruction in his life, and he could only imagine what a pack would do.

He did not even think. Shoulders tense, he stormed forward into the territory and went to striking the nearest tree, his claws leaving pale grooves in the bark that soon bled sap. However, even damaging what the wolves had claimed was not substantial enough. His blood was up, the red dragon was dancing, and André felt justified.

He screamed a challenge into the trees.


mature for violence and language and whatever

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