Only love can build us a Bridge of Light

I hope you don't mind, I'm playing it as though he sat on her right side and hasn't seen the other side of her face yet :3.

She was wrapped up within her own world of pain and suffering, this world was too cruel to her and she couldn't go on any further, it was impossible. Everything had been taken from her and when she managed to restore it, it was only taken again from her. In the distance away from her Tamai sent her an impression of his disapproval and disappointment but she couldn't haul herself out of this spiraling destruction. Her hands pulled at her hair, digging in deep and even drawing the faintest traces of blood from her scalp. Paws came into her vision and AniWaya's scent washed over her.

She shrunk away instinctively as he sat down next to her, on her good side. Her body knew and her body remembered the pain that men could cause with their own. She whimpered now under this new assault of her senses and disruption of her self pity. The sound sharp and tortured. She had been through too much, seen horrors that defied belief, and descended into a world made of her own blood. She wanted to stand up and move away but she didn't have the strength to do even that, nor to send him away. He spoke, and though the word was softly spoken, her own name, she still flinched and curled in on herself tighter as though he had struck or shouted at her.

But his voice, it was oh so soft as he spoke to her, different from the harsh tones of Liam. No anger or hidden desires peered through, only the hiccup of his stutter. She had never condemned him like others maybe had for the speech impediment. It wasn't so long ago she spoke the same out of pure fear of everything around her. Slowly the woman straightened herself up, tense and fragile, she turned to look at him and the firelight leapt upon the chance to illuminate the irreparable damage to the left side of her face and her missing ear.

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