Sister of my Son
Her legs dangled off the edge of the work unit she had sat herself upon whilst her just as pure white brother set about making them something to drink in his beautifully huge kitchen. Light had graciously brought her to see Taliesin again with her children that were growing up so fast but they had proven to be a little too excitable to calm down so Light had taken them for a run around Skye's pack lands. Here she didn't feel any different to before she was hurt so badly.

She listened silently as Taliesin shared with her all of the bad things that seemed to be happening within Cercatori recently, most related to pregnancy and birth. She was upset to learn that her friend Jace was doing so badly, she cringed as Tal told her how he had had to fix up two of her children that she had attacked herself. But she knew that her friend wouldn't have done so without a good reason, a very good reason.

She watched Taliesin closely, he had been directly involved with all of these horrible things and stuff like that took a toll that wasn't immediately visible but cracks appeared in time. She looked for such cracks in his behavior, signs that he was struggling to cope under the weight of so much pressure.

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