time finally caught up with me
Set at the edges of Ethereal Eclipse and Halifax around 10am. Wraith is in her lupus form.
[/html]Her journey south of Inferni brought her through the densely-wooded forest of Ethereal Eclipse. During her walk, she spotted one golden eagle and a number of elk, but couldn't hunt either of them. Luckily, she was able to catch a mouse to eat to fill her belly. She had eaten a large meal two days ago with the clan when they had felled a particularly spectacular deer and she was still quite content from that. She ate the berries she found along the way, but would very much appreciate a rabbit or a mole as well. Although she didn't want to meet someone else with a rumbling stomach, she didn't want to tarry too much lest it take away from her duties. As the Vicarius, she was required to know of the goings-on of other packs. She hadn't heard much from the southern packs in a long time, so she thought it might be a good idea to see what they were up to.

She made sure to mask her scent, splashing through the water, rolling in the leaves, and rubbing her fur against trees as she passed them. She didn't want to alarm a scout if she saw one, and although she didn't think that being a loner was less suspicious than being a member of Inferni, she didn't want her nosiness to be tracked back to Inferni. Though, she was slowly coming to realize that as a clan of coyotes, they really did house most of the coyotes in the area. She just hoped that her appearance wouldn't give her away.

She changed her direction slightly once she realized she was nearing Halifax. Since she was hoping to contact someone from Casa di Cavalieri, she began heading southwest, where the trees were slowly thinning out and giving way to more plains and meadows. [html]

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