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Wraith. Nope, it did not ring any bells at all. Then the girl admitted the rest of her name as being Wraith Creed. She did not know any Creeds, either, but then again, they were so many people out in the world, and then it could be an unique name only found within this coyote—in fact, was she not the only de Fonte that she knew about? The thought made her sad a bit, that she was the only one, but then Wraith's next words immediately brought her out of her thoughts.

"Inferni?" she prompted, tilting her head to the side. Her mind buzzed with a million different reasons why the girl was here. A smile cracked on her muzzle, and she asked with good-nature and a joking air, "Thinking about joining us, eh? We could always use another nifty scout like you about." Couldn't be a spy, she supposed as she thought behind her smile. She would not have admitted her name otherwise, for she was under the impression that the youth was truly a curious soul. But then, why ask about them?

She decided to put a little faith into her once-clan. She had not revealed anything of importance to them, and came to the conclusion no harm was done.

She twitched her her as the Creed seemed confused that she asked about her favorite food. "Some people like some things better, and I'd like to know, for future reference. It is always better company when you have good food that someone especially enjoys," she said honestly, again tilting her head to the side with a bit of coyness as she admitted something that could be considered a bit foolish to someone so practical.

There was a pause, and assuming it was her cue to leave the Infernian, she rose from her spot on the ground, taking a step towards where her pack laid when Wraith asked for her name. Her smile deepened into a grin, but when she turned to fully face the other again, it was small and kind again. She deserved the truth, at least, since she was so honest with her in return. "Oh, my name is Alyssum, the Luna of Casa di Cavalieri."


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