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shorty! fore-date this to Sept. 19?

With the day as busy as it had been, Alyssum was surprised she had managed free herself a few spare moments by herself. She had been going about like a bee in a sea of flowers, and it seemed that she did not have one moment of peace, except for those one few bubbles of time that she could relax in. The intervals were short lived and far in between, though, so whenever they came, they were usually spent quickly on the side of the courthouse near the gardens by her lonesome, where she would rest and try to catch a breather and reflect on various thoughts.

She struck a match and lit the end of the butt, and sighed as the calming essence of the clove smoked through the air, and occasionally took a small breath of cigarette, watching the fire flare for a moment and then dim. After getting it properly going, she slid down onto her seat and leaned against the wall, and looked up at the sky and the other things around her. She supposed that she had enough free time to sit there comfortably and let the scenery take over her attention for a couple of minutes before she had to return to her duties, and so she did. With the smell of clove floating and the quiet babble of the nearby stream, Alyssum was easily lulled into peace, and soaked up the suspension of time.


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