[p] wild beam, wild boy, you burn so bright

Samual Dean Menue

I want to be a lilikoi, Boy Lilikoi
you grind your claws, you howl, you growl
unafraid of Hoi Polloi

The bug skittered around, unsuspecting. The beetle absolutely had not the slightest of ideas, the fainest of fathoms, of what fate that will befall on her. Oh, the dramatic irony was so bittersweet. One more scuttle-step closer, and her destiny will be in the paws of him...

"Got'cha!" the pup squealed, and busted from under the bush that he was hiding in. His sneak attack was sensed by the beast--clever girl! But not clever enough. The beetle tried her hardest to escape, and the honorable boy at least gave her a window of opportunity to run, crouched so low his chin laid flat on the ground. Then, he pounced. Pale paws landed on each flank of the beetle, and he bounced around so that he stood straight in her path. "No where to go," he murmured mischievously, his maw forming a devious grin. The beetle paused, and he watched as she twitched her feelers in what must have been in despair.

And she turned around. He watched, dumbfounded, as the bug crawled away from him, easily walking through the wide gap of his splayed paws. "Hey! I just wanna play!" How could he have been so foolish to leave an opening like that! Next time, there will be no mercy. With a giggle, he hopped after the beetle, at times pouncing close to it only for her to squirm away again. He'll get her, he was sure of it, for he was the great Samual Dean!

you run, you're free, you climb endless trees, you reignite
you growl, you howl, you show your teeth
you bite, it's alright


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